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TMT Bar Price List In Tripura


SRMB TMT Bars Price List In Tripura

Tripura falls under the high risk zone V of the seismic map of India and has greater risk of experiencing big earthquakes (quakes of magnitudes 8). Even in the past, Tripura and the other regions of the North-Eastern India has experienced seismic activities. Also, more than the earthquake, the falling debris of the buildings poses a threat to life. Proper earthquake-resistant construction and using such materials (such as TMT bars) can only prevent any severe damage to the buildings and life.

Check the TMT bar price list in Tripura

High quality TMT bars are the best for constructing buildings and other structures in earthquake-prone zones. In this regard, SRMB TMT bars are one of the most preferred TMT bars in the country. SRMB manufacture the bars using the latest Tempcore technology. Also, their TMT bars have an advanced WINGRIP rib design. SRMB bars are extremely ductile and have greater elongation. These are two crucial factors in preventing damage to the buildings during an earthquake. The bars have a soft inner core and a tough exterior. And that’s why the bars bend when under excessive pressure while the hard exterior layer helps it regain its previous shape. This flexibility helps in preventing damage to the structure. 



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