From the desk of the Chairman of SRMB Steel
From the desk of the Chairman:

SRMB envisions a nation with stronger values and stronger structures. Since our inception, six decades ago we have strived to establish a network of firsts. In this journey of excellence, we have crossed several milestones. We are pioneer of the TEMPCORE technology in producing steel and have set up one of the most efficient steel manufacturing set up. Aiming to become one of the top steel manufacturers in the nation, we continue to produce 100% genuine steel of highest quality in highest volumes.    We aim to create long-term value for our stake-holders, bring them better profit and expand ourselves manifold. Our transformation has only one end – pushing boundaries, perfecting ourselves.

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Veni Gopal Gupta Architect

Veni Gopal Gupta

"The quality of SRMB TMT Bar is very good and its X ribs helps building strong framework."

Testimonial on our earlier innovation - Xribs

Sunil Khandelwal

"I used to deal withother steel brands so far,but after taking dealership of SRMB Steel,my business has withessed a rapid growth. The X pattern ribs has added value to the quality of the product, as it helps to increase the strength of the construction."

Best TMT Dealer of SRMB TMT Bars

South Dinajpur
Individual house builder

"SRMB Steel has been used by one of my close relatives earlier for his own house and he found it to be a good quality product & also cost effective.The brand was also recommended by my civil engineer ,so I am using it."

Best TMT Dealer of SRMB Steel

North 24 Parganas

"SRMB's Realedge has great malleability which helps in easy fabrication of decorative and better designs."

Best TMT Dealer of SRMB TMT

Sk Moina

"SRMB conducts mason meet frequency where industry experts proved information about the industry.The knowledge shared by these experts helps me upgrade my knowledge which in turn helps me grow my business."

The 'Joint Plant Committee' - a wing of Ministry of Steel, Government of India, has certified SRMB as a 'Primary Steel Producer', highlighting 'Excellence in Quality'. Primary steel is the steel manufactured from iron ore which we use to produce billets (raw material of TMT Bar) whereas secondary steel manufacturers purchase billets from others and manufacture TMT Bar. So we may say that the SRMB has more control over quality from the stage of Iron Ore.

What Does #SRMB #TMT & 'Captain Cool' Has in Common ?

What Does SRMB TMT & 'Captain Cool' Has in Common ?

*'Winning Starts From Home', Says India's Most Loved Sports Star - M S Dhoni. SRMB couldn't agree more.

What is TMT Bar?

Answer: TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars are high-strength reinforcing bars having a soft core and a very strong external layer. While manufacturing TMT bars they are first the steel wires are passed through a rolling mill stand. After that, these rolled steel bars are then passed through the Tempcore water cooling system which gives high strength to the bars. Read More About What is TMT Bar

How SRMB TMT Bars are manufactured?

Answer: SRMB TMT bars are manufactured using this specially designed Tempcore Technology. Under this process, the water pressure is optimised and this sudden change in the temperature makes the outer layer of the steel bar tough. Once the steel bar is cooled, it is further left for atmospheric cooling. This helps equalise the temperature difference between the outer layer and the soft inner core. Once the core of the TMT bar cools down, it turns into a ferrite-pearlite mass. This design of tough outer layer and soft inner core makes the TMT bars highly ductile.

Why you need TMT Bars?

Answer: From homes and multi-storeyed buildings to flyovers and bridges, TMT bars provide high strength to the structures. TMT bars are able to withstand any amount of load. These improves the safety and longevity of the structure and secures it from any damages. Read More About Why You Need TMT Bars

What are the available grades and product range of SRMB TMT bars?


  1. TMT BARS or Deformed Bars (8 mm- 50 mm dia.) Grade available: Fe-415/ 500/ 550 & Fe-415D, Fe500D, Fe 550D, Fe 600
  2. AZAR bars- Zinga-coated TMT bars/ Deformed Bars (8 mm- 50 mm dia.) Grades available: Fe-415/ 500/ 550 & Fe-415D, Fe500D, Fe 550D, Fe 600
  3. TMT/ Deformed Bars, Corrosion Resistance Bars (8 mm - 50 mm dia.) Grades available: Fe-415/ 500/ 550 & Fe-415D, Fe500D, Fe 550D, Fe 600

Why Use SRMB TMT bars?

Answer:The following are the USP of SRMB TMT bars:
  1. High Strength
  2. Higher elongation (which makes it safe for earthquake-prone areas)
  3. High Bend/ re-bending properties
  4. Corrosion resistant
  5. High fatigue resistance
  6. Good weldability

Apart from that SRMB TMT bars are manufactured in adherence with the international standards IS:1786:208 BIS. This standard is equivalent to the ASTM A615 Grade 60 of the USA, BS 444 Grade 460 of UK, BST 500 of DIN 488 of Germany and much more.

We were also awarded Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001) for our Quality Control measures along with operational safety, environmental management, and Security System.

Big names in the industry prefers us, best quality you can demand

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