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TMT bar is the most popular type of steel bars that is widely used in construction works. As the name suggests, it is thermo-mechanically treated which adds superior properties that help in making a structure more strong on an overall basis.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about TMT bars.

How are TMT bars manufactured?

TMT bars have a special manufacturing process that makes them superior to traditional steel bars. Reputed TMT bar manufacturers in India such as SRMB have special manufacturing process known as Tempcore technology. In the process, fresh steel bars, coming out from the rolling mill, are passed through a specially designed water-cooling system.

As such, the water jets rapidly cool the outer surface of the blistering steel bars. This, in turn, makes the outer layer of the bar to be very hard while the inner core remains soft. Due to this nature, TMT bars are resilient and can be used to enhance the strength of almost all structures.

How are TMT bars superior to traditional steel bars?

Unlike traditional steel bars, TMT bars have several enhanced properties that make them better in every way. Some of the profound properties of TMT bars include better bending strength, better ductility, better malleability, better thermal resistance and better corrosion resistance.

How to choose the right TMT bar as per Quality and Price?

There are countless TMT bar manufacturers in India and choosing the right one can get really confusing. In order to go for the right TMT bars, choose reputed brands such as SRMB that have ISO certification and manufacture TMT bars under strict quality check.

Also, you need to be aware of the different grades that are available for TMT bars. These grades include Fe-450, 500, and 550; the higher the grades, the stronger the TMT bars. It is even important to self-check the bars before buying; check out for ISI and TMT™ identification marks on the TMT bars. Trusted companies such as SRMB imprint these identification marks on every TMT bar.

Are TMT bars earthquake proof?

Absolutely yes! TMT bars can enhance the earthquake resistivity of structures. This is because TMT bars have a high bending strength due to the soft inner core. So, in case of structural deformity during earthquakes, the bars adjust with the pressure which may prevent collapses. Also, the grips on TMT bars are well accented which gives them a superior bonding with the concrete.    

What are the main benefits of TMT bars?

TMT bars are beneficial over traditional steel bars in several ways. Unlike traditional steel bars, TMT bars do not corrode with humidity which boosts the longevity of the lifespan of any structure. Meaning, your house will be strong and safe for years to come if you use TMT bars instead of traditional steel bars.

So, choose high-quality TMT bars from SRMB to make your house a true haven. For more information, visit https://www.srmbsteel.com/.

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