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TMT Bar Price List In Assam


SRMB TMT Bars Price List In Assam

The entire North-Eastern part of India falls under high earthquake-risk zone. Assam too comes under the Seismic zone V making the entire state vulnerable to moderate-high levels of seismic damage. The cities and the towns, where the growth is almost uncontrolled, are most vulnerable. That’s the reason the structures need to be designed and built satisfying all the safety standards. High-grade TMT bars are a key construction material that’s mostly used for construction in regions with high risk of earthquakes.

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In earthquake-prone zones, TMT bars are used for constructing earthquake-resilient buildings. And in this regard, SRMB is a brand that’s highly preferred by people for its excellent quality. SRMB uses an advanced Tempcore technology for manufacturing TMT bars. Also, their bars have an advanced WINGRIP rib-design which is a step ahead than the X-rib design that was pioneered by SRMB. The brand keeps on innovating and improving their products to make them better. The TMT bars by SRMB have greater elongation and are extremely strong. These features are extremely crucial in determining the quality of the bar. The TMT bars have a strong exterior and a soft core. As a result, they are not easily breakable.



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