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Technology is slowly seeping into all kinds of industries and construction is no way behind. In the earlier days only human labour was seen in the field of construction, but now the view has completely changed. A wide range of technological advancements has been made in the construction industry which makes the work very efficient and very less time taking with the safety of the workers... Read More

Buying a house is a very complicated process. Therefore, all formalities must be cleared beforehand.

  1. Evaluating the duration of the experience

Certified systems have been created by experienced and reputed companies to ensure on-time conveyance of the work. The work is done within budget and is of high quality. Experience and previous work history... Read More

Steel is a premium metal, making it an ideal material to use in a variety of industrial applications.  Construction steel is exploited in different industries for diverse reasons. Nowadays, most industrial, as well as commercial buildings are built with the support of this type of steel. The material plays a vital part in construct strong houses and residential buildings.

The Government of India has imposed the GST, which is the acronym for the Goods and Service Tax, in all sectors. The tax has come into force from 1 July 2017 and it is projected to make wonders by decreasing the overlying tax burden in the country. This tax creates a huge impact on the cost of a variety of building materials, including cement, bricks, steel, and paints, which ranges from 5% to... Read More

Construction sites are certainly not the safest places to be around in terms of serious risk to health and safety. As per statistics, about 24.2% of occupational fatalities alone in this nation can be owed to construction. Till date, some of the most common hazards that have been directly linked with working in a construction site includes…

Becoming a construction manager is not everybody’s cup of tea mostly because the responsibilities that need to be handled are often overwhelming. While it is true that there are some similarities between general project management and construction management with respect to the macroscopic phases project management per se, namely… initiation, planning, execution, performance and monitoring; at... Read More

Planning the size and shape of your rooms is undoubtedly, one of the biggest home-building decisions. You may plan not to exceed the square footage. At the same time, you may want your home to have that aesthetic appeal while ensuring it’ll have a good resale value.

From choosing the right construction materials to optimising construction processes, there are a myriad of ways you can lower the expenses involved in getting your home constructed.

Lots of problem can happen during a construction of home, here are few useful ways to avoid them.

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