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The steel industry is considered the backbone of the Indian economy. This is primarily because the Iron and Steel industry are considered one of the most basic industries in India. The consumption of steel is considered as an indicator of growth. It is a key driver of the infrastructural growth of the country. Let’s take a deeper look into the importance of steel in the construction sector and... Read More

The infrastructure industry in India comprises of a number of sectors such as railway, power, roads, ports and highways etc. With a number of infrastructure projects in the pipeline, India is witnessing a steady progress in this sector. In October 2016, the infrastructure output of the country improved to 6.6% year-on-year following a 5% growth in the previous month. This was primarily driven... Read More

Year after year this steel industry has gone through several developmental process. TMT bar technology in present days shows you the result and it is the reason of building strong constructions.

The construction and infrastructure industry in India plays an important part in India economy. The Economic survey conducted in 2015-16, termed infrastructure as "sine qua non" for achieving robust growth.

source: economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/policy/economic-survey-2016-infrastructure-sine-qua-non-for-robust-growth/articleshow/51156552.cms

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If you have building construction project, there is an obvious question why to use TMT bars for construction projects? We have 8 points to make you the right choice. Have a look.

India is one of the most earthquake-prone zones across the globe. In the past few years, the country has witnessed a number of seismic activities. This includes the earthquakes at Latur (in 1993) & Bhuj (in 2001). These incidents in the past have exposed the vulnerability of the building designs and codes that are followed in the country. In the wake of such  natural disasters, the... Read More

From preparing the foundation to choosing the right construction material, construction of home involves taking multiple decisions. Here we discuss a few must-know facts about the house building process to help you take the right decisions.

TMT bars are one of the most important construction materials that are widely used for building earthquake-resistant structures. The ribbed TMT bars from top TMT Bar Manufacturers provide better reinforcement to any concrete structure, thus, minimising damages... Read More

TMT bar or TMT saria is one of the most popular reinforcement bar used for construction projects. There are a number of TMT bars available in the market; however, out of all, SRMB TMT bars are manufactured using a special Tempcore technology which gives the TMT bar or TMT saria extra strength. Let’s take a look at the specifications of TMT saria manufactured by SRMB.

TMT bar is specially treated and high strength deformed steel bar. It is manufactured using the latest technology. This makes it superior in quality and strength compared to ordinary steel bars. Let’s take a look at a few important facts:


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