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In the past few decades, a number of significant earthquakes have jolted India. Are you prepare for it or have you taken action necessary? Using TMT bars from top TMT manufacturers in India can minimize the damage.

There are mistakes we make, but there are 6 mistakes to avoid when building a new home. It is time to recheck our mistakes and using good quality TMT bars ensure that the foundation of your home and its structure is strong enough to withstand any natural disaster (such as an earthquake).

The Implementation of GST taxation is stated by Ashish Beriwala, Director SRMB Steel. This blog describes some valuable points on the impact of GST on some of the popular steel items in mild steel segments.

SRMB is among the leading TMT manufacturers in India. Being one of the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India, SRMB gives immense importance to their distribution channels. These channels have helped SRMB turn into a household name.

When selecting a TMT bar by any TMT manufacturer, always select one with higher grades. In case you stay in an earthquake-prone zone then higher grade TMT bars are a must.

Are you planning to build a home? If yes, then look for secure TMT bars from best TMT bar manufacturers like SRMB. Here we discuss a few feng shui tips for a de-cluttered home.

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TMT bars from reputed TMT bars manufacturers in India (such as SRMB) are earthquake-resistant, have greater elongation, are durable and corrosion-resistant, and thus, ensure complete safety and longevity of the building.

Planning to build a home? Use TMT bars from SRMB for building a strong and long-... Read More


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