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TMT steel is the most popularly used steel bars today because of its better elongation, better bending strength and high tensile strength. Its quality and popularity makes it one of the most important materials in the Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC). There are several other factors that a buyer must consider other than the high-strength that it offers. Here is a list of the major factors that... Read More

Steel is one of those metals which have exceptional tensile strength and flexibility. Due to these properties, it finds a wide range of application in construction. The use of steel bars in concrete helps to improve the overall factor of safety of the structure. Though, the quality of steel plays a vital role in it. Due to a large number of reported cases of the earthquake, researchers found... Read More

Technology has been slowly replacing obsolete systems and machines in the construction industry. However, a digital tool is not a remedy. It is not a method, which can function autonomously, but it is an investment to perk up the existing work processes and resolve a problem. Nevertheless, to make a digital solution a successful one, there needs to be a determination to change the core... Read More

The real estate market in India is growing fast, which makes it very popular for the majority of NRI investors when it comes to investment options. NRIs are also wooed by the fact that investing in India comes with a sense of emotional support and security for them. However, as they are based abroad, it is essential for them to make proper research on documentation and other methods, so that... Read More

Establishing a successful business in today’s world is hard. Since there are so many start-ups who are ready to provide fantastic services and high-end quality products, people’s expectations have increased abruptly over the years due to such kind of assistance. The construction business is a venture of ups and downs, but it requires a balanced continuously reputation forever to prosper and... Read More

The year 2000 saw a period of recession in most of the industrial level but some of them have been able to introduce growth in their economic graph by now. The firms that work in engineering field or have constructions as their business have seen such growth in particular. The growth is supposed to continue – if they work in a similar fashion.

Technology is slowly seeping into all kinds of industries and construction is no way behind. In the earlier days only human labour was seen in the field of construction, but now the view has completely changed. A wide range of technological advancements has been made in the construction industry which makes the work very efficient and very less time taking with the safety of the workers... Read More

Buying a house is a very complicated process. Therefore, all formalities must be cleared beforehand.

  1. Evaluating the duration of the experience

Certified systems have been created by experienced and reputed companies to ensure on-time conveyance of the work. The work is done within budget and is of high quality. Experience and previous work history... Read More

Steel is a premium metal, making it an ideal material to use in a variety of industrial applications.  Construction steel is exploited in different industries for diverse reasons. Nowadays, most industrial, as well as commercial buildings are built with the support of this type of steel. The material plays a vital part in construct strong houses and residential buildings.

The Government of India has imposed the GST, which is the acronym for the Goods and Service Tax, in all sectors. The tax has come into force from 1 July 2017 and it is projected to make wonders by decreasing the overlying tax burden in the country. This tax creates a huge impact on the cost of a variety of building materials, including cement, bricks, steel, and paints, which ranges from 5% to... Read More


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