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For most of us, building our home or owning a flat is a dream. And that is why it’s very crucial to ensure the quality of the property and check the amenities available. Here are a few points to keep in mind while selecting a property:

The trend of environment-friendly construction and green buildings are fast catching up in the country. With the green spaces rapidly disappearing from the city-landscape, construction companies are looking up to green construction techniques and contribute their part to save the environment.

With the growing awareness of environmental concerns, a number of people are being inclined to everything that’s green. Sustainability is also a growing concern in the construction industry.

Building your dream home is not a simple task. From checking the TMT bars price to selecting the best building materials, it needs a lot of thought and consideration. But don’t worry. We have prepared this checklist for you to reduce the likelihood of things going awry:

The steel industry is one of the most important aspects of the economy for a number of developed and developing countries. Burgeoning economies such as India have a high consumption of steel as it the backbone of infrastructure. Therefore, the demand for steel has never been higher.
Here are some of the trends in the global steel market:

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Do you have a dream home? Have you visualized the architectural idea that would bestow a surreal beauty to your dream home? Here, we have listed some of the top trends in architecture that might help you shape the idea of your dream home.

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With growing environmental concerns and increasing need for renewable energy sources,  buildings and skyscrapers are embracing sustainable design. Here’s a list of some of the most sustainable and green buildings around the world:

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With the ongoing environmental concerns, the practise of constructing homes and building in an eco-friendly way has come into much importance. In fact, this approach is already being implemented in various parts of the world.

Sustainability is becoming an increasing concern in the construction realm which has brought sustainable architecture to the forefront. Sustainable architecture is not just beneficial for curbing environmental impact but also for builders,

Here are the 8 facts you need to know about the steel landscape in India. There are number of steel manufacturers in India, the iron and steel industry in India is growing over time.


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