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Who can deny that making a home is not the biggest investment? Buying the materials, choosing the perfect land, the builder's payment, nothing comes in free. And to make sure your building project becomes the successful one without affecting the quality of the home, you have to fulfill each of the requirements carefully. Though all these require huge amount of money, by following some easy... Read More

Check this blog to know more about your top 5 Bollywood superstar's luxurious and expensive residences.

1. Shahrukh Khan – The residence of Shahrukh Khan named Mannat. This is located in Bandra, Mumbai. He is called the King of Bollywood. The house is appropriate for this King. The house costs about 150-200 cr. This is designed by his wife Gauri. Mannat has bedrooms,... Read More

To travel does not necessarily mean to spend tons of money. Travelling doesn't have to be all extravagant.

The internet has eased out the task of planning a trip. The only thing is to keep in mind is that you are there to travel, enjoy, see and learn.

Travelling on a budget and making it to your favorite photography destinations.

Here are 5 tips to help you to... Read More

There are people who struggle to be happy everyday even when it is the simplest of job you could ever imagine it to be.

Want to be happy? Be good to yourself.

This may sound as any other non-interested replies from someone, but here it is really the key.

People end up unhappy because of the problems and unnecessary stress that bore around. Too many people skip this and... Read More

Floor Space Index i.e. FSI, is the ratio of entire floor area of a building to the comprehensive Plot area. This appraisal suggests the absolute amount of area of all the floors a builder will be able to build upon a land.

Floor Space Index gets administered by Development control regulation division of a specific area and in regard to the National Building Code of India. They will... Read More

Five crucial phases are associated with any construction project involving layout, Pre-Construction, Acquisition, Construction, and Owner possession. Every phase is cardinal for handling a project on scheme without losing the focus.
The five phases are as follows:

Except if you are a Stone Age man in a region where no other person can influence your welfare, you are unquestionably going to be influenced by the exercises of the economy. An economy, as characterized and abridged by Wikipedia, is the acknowledged social arrangement of generation, trade, appropriation, and utilization of goods and services of a nation or other region. In this manner, an... Read More

The death of the Bill for Goods and Services Tax or GST has expedited respite taxation for some. What GST implies is that now all goods and services will be imposed with one single tax instead of various taxes like service tax and so on. Now and again, this will imply that individuals should pay lesser while now and again they should pay more, in method for tax.
Under development... Read More

Summer means overheat. In summer usually, you have fear of overheat. Before the summer arrives you need to find ways to keep your house cool. There are many things that can make your home heatproof.

If you are planning to build a house or any concrete structure, steel bar is an unavoidable part of your construction. From making the building strong to prevent the possible damages that can be caused due to natural disasters, steel bars can protect any unwanted hassle. The special manufacturing technique and the properties of the steel bar have more to add on the constructions. To know more... Read More


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