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'Machine learning' is popularly deemed as a type of technology that has a human aspect or angle. In construction sites, it can help improve everyday life of workers. Although it might appear that a stretch of imagination is needed to connect machine learning with construction, it can possibly help people carry out their work in the construction industry in a more effective way. Find out how... Read More

Nickel was primarily found in the year 1700s. It was discovered in a rock that looked like a copper ore. But, no one knew that Nickel will become the most essential industrial metal one day. This is one of the metals that is known for making the stainless steel corrosion-resistant.

There are several series of Nickel which are the most corrosion-resistant when combined with nickel. Some... Read More

The industry produces more than 1.3 billion tons of steel in a particular year. There is not only a single type of steel available in the market; rather type and variety of steel are vivid. The most popular two varieties of steels available in the market are stainless steel and mild steel. Today we are going to... Read More

As far as adaptability and viability is concerned, mild steel provide an appreciable performance which is most usual sort of steel. Their employments are huge and depended upon daily. Mild steel can be customized to fit where demanded.


Various... Read More

During April and May the ascent in temperature is intolerable. Deaths are being noted because of heat wave for which all individuals are thinking of how they will ride out during summer. People need to master certain methods to keep their body cool along with their home also. All individuals cannot afford to fix air conditioners.

... Read More

Lean Thinking is an approach that aims to remove waste and increase value for customers. In the U.S, the construction industry is among the most hazardous industries when it comes to non-fatal and fatal injuries during the occupation. Stakeholders in construction lay emphasis on safety management strategies to reduce the number of injuries. Safety management includes making a plan to make sure... Read More

It is essential to have an appropriate pre-evaluation and planning stage for outsourcing any project, particularly for estimation, detailing and design purposes. In case you have a model implemented already or wish to implement the same, you have to pick the best vendor for that purpose. Generally, how successful your steel detailing project is tends to depend on turnaround time, communication... Read More

Building your home surely reminds you of the childhood memory in which you were busy in making a sand house on your vacation time. However, when you are all set to start your home building project, in reality, the requirement is not only the sand but also various things, like- building contractor, the right type of material, painters and more things are included into the list. Building your... Read More

Are you dreaming about your own home? However, the construction expenditure is stopping you from making your dream reality? Many are going through the same situation and living in rented homes for years to avoid the construction cost. Do you know your rent cost can gift you your dream home if you follow some effective tips? Don't be surprised, read on this blog post to know about the things to... Read More

Concrete surrounds us. Concrete is present everywhere. The sidewalks, the roads, the bridges, the building you reside in, everywhere.

It is hard to ignore the existence of concrete.


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