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The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the iconic landmarks in Australia, and attracts millions of visitors from across the globe every year. It is officially known as the world’s largest steel arch bridge, with its topmost point standing at 134 metre above the Sydney Harbour.

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Maintaining top of the line quality in any kind of manufacturing industry is never an easy task. There are so many variable to keep track of - so many principles to follow and so many guidelines to use and update as necessary. That said, most well known quality management systems can be broken down into 4 major steps, namely - Plan - Do - Check - Act.

Corrosion resistant (CR) bars play a major role in ensuring long life for a house. They are used along with concrete, in order to build a reinforced structure with high degree of strength and resilience. However, such bars can sustain damage when exposed to chloride ions from the concrete. Also, what often happens is that the calcium hydroxide in the concrete gets... Read More

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Being seismic smart is the best thing to do if you are living in an earthquake zone. Most areas in India, fall under the moderate to high earthquake zones. You should be able to withstand a quake and also prepare for retrofit. You need to be aware of how to avert the risks effectively.

If you think SRMB SRIJAN Pvt Ltd., you have a host of amazing products for the building and construction industry. As opposed to chilled cast iron rollers, SRMB REALEDGE helps you get steel that is manufactured with 100 per cent block mills that have walking type automatic cooling beds. The cooling beds help in ensuring excellent finish and can cater to all needs... Read More

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Standing at a height of 527 metres at the tip, the iconic Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower) is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Opened to the public in 1973, the cloud-kissing skyscraper bears testament to the tremendous structural strength of steel, which mankind has utilised for ages to build magnificent structures. Here are some interesting... Read More

A relationship forged on the basis of passion is likely to last forever. That’s what happened in 1951, when a group of distinct individuals came together to form SRMB SRIJAN Limited, a brand that was registered later that same year. Sure, we came from different regions and spoke different mother tongues. But one thing bound all of us together and continues to do so... Read More

TMT bars available in India can be of three different grades - Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. The higher the grade of your TMT bars, the stronger it is from the best TMT bar manufacturers in India. Make your home with high grade TMT bars.


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