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Steel is the main material that is used for the purpose of construction, and is an alloy of carbon, iron and various other materials. It comprises of around 0.2% carbon in terms of weight. This metal is used widely for making automobiles, ships, tools, machines, buildings and much more. The process of steel construction was commercialized as early as during the later part of the 1800s.The... Read More

Today, India is in an unsafe situation, with the ground circumstance changing each hour, as it attempting it best to contain the stage 2 of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic. Given the gigantic populace of India, the low permeability and lopsided spread of human services frameworks and the strategic inconceivability for India to implement mass isolate, it would require an enormous aggregate... Read More

Subsequent to building the sump, the following stage is to begin the uncovering for the establishment. Prior to beginning the establishment of your home, you more likely than not chose the construction framework that you need to receive.


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Good building materials create strength and power in your home. Most people have a belief that, cement and concrete are the two vital materials that makes a building strong. But, this is not fully correct. There is another very important product which acts as the prime element in making you’re newly constructed home powerful. The building promoter must understand that if the steel frame inside... Read More

Gates is an important portion that connects the people from outside to residents. Also, fencing around the house makes it secured. People are selecting the gates and fences made of different materials. The gates made up of aluminum, vinyl and wood are quite common options. But, apart from them another material which most of the people prefers is the one made up of wrought iron. We will discuss... Read More

Want natural light inside the room? There are certain things you should do before making any renovations. First check the "dark spaces" in all the rooms and find out where lies the problem exactly. Is it the dark floors of the rooms, heavy furniture or small window? Then you can reposition your furniture pieces to see whether it makes any difference to the lighting of the room. If this does... Read More

Home renovation is one primary investment that needs to be well planned and carefully drawn. However, no one can anticipate an accident or a wrong move. Surprises are a part and parcel of this process. But you can always keep a few things in mind before starting with the work.

Birds can look nice chirping in the park but not when they are in and around your house. The dirt and grime that they carry can affect the house along with you and your loved ones in a multitude of ways. Birds are notorious to give you unwanted troubles that include:

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Like any other industries, real estate industry also demands advertising and promotion. In order to boost their projects, real estate contractors sometimes need to turn up with varied programs and promotions to reap interest and accelerate sales. Among these programs loan subvention scheme is a plan provided by the real estate developers.

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As per the Vaastu Shastra, some rituals need to be performed before the real construction starts. Most of the individuals do not observe all of these pujas, but almost each individual begin construction only by conducting the Bhoomi Puja.


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