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Tempcore process of TMT bars - Things to know

Tempcore process of TMT bars - Things to know

Tempcore is now regarded as the most efficient process for the production of TMT Steel bars. It was developed in Belgium and some of the major brands like SRMB Steel have brought the technology to India in collaboration with the production industry of Belgium. This technology functions on the Heat treatment principle process.

The TMT Steel bars that are obtained as a result of the Tempcore process come with better quality and there are more benefits than regular processed bars. Here are some of the top things to know about the Tempcore process of TMT bars.

It is possible to get more strength
Due to thermomechanical treatment, the reinforced bars can be sturdier and stronger after undergoing heat treatment.

The Steel bars can get superior resistance due to not only heat treatment but also of rapid cooling - which increases the strength of the bar. The process does not come to an end only after the cooling. The bars are heated up again at an extremely high temperature and compressed subsequently, to get a product of matchless flexibility and strength.

Better ductility
Along with added flexibility and strength, the tempcore technology also enhances the ductility of the TMT bars. It is mainly due to the core having a Ferrite-pearlite structure - which allows bending of the Steel bars without any loss of tensility or cracks.

High amount of seismic resistance
The seismic resistance or earthquake resistance of TMT Steel bars, manufactured by the Tempcore process, is much higher than the ones that are produced using traditional manufacturing techniques. These Steel bars can easily withstand tremendous amount of force that is generated during earthquakes.

The use of TMT Steel bars manufactured with the Tempcore process is now widespread and fast catching on, even in small towns and cities. These are being used for large scale industrial projects and high rises, as well as for retail stores and other important buildings, both in the public and in the private sectors today. The acceptance and use of Tempcore TMT Steel bars can only be expected to be wider in the days to come.