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TMT Saria

TMT bars or TMT Saria

TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars (saria) are high strength reinforcement bars that are widely used for constructing reinforcement structures such as bridges, dams, flyovers, high-rise buildings, and other structures. SRMB TMT Saria is manufactured through a technically advanced Tempcore system that ensures superior strength and quality of the saria. The process involves intense cooling of the TMT saria using water jets after they come out of the last rolling mill stand. They are further subjected to atmospheric cooling for equalising the temperature of the surface layer and the core of the saria. The core of the TMT saria slowly cools down turning the surface into a tempered martensite zone and the core into a ferrite-pearlite structure.


SRMB is one of the leading TMT saria manufacturers across India. The company is manufacturing TMT saria that adheres to the international quality standards. It meets IS:1786:208 BIS Standard of India which is equivalent to ASTM A615 Grade 60 of the USA, BS 444 Grade 460 of Great Britain, and BST 500 of DIN 488 of Germany. TMT saria manufactured by SRMB has greater elongation, superior corrosion and fatigue resistant properties, and excellent weldability. You can check our TMT saria price list before purchasing.

Types of TMT Saria Manufactured by SRMB

  • TMT Saria or De-formed Bar

    Available grades: Fe 415/ 500/ 550 & Fe 415D, Fe 500D, Fe 550D, Fe 600

  • AZAR Bars (ZINGA Coated TMT Saria or De-formed Bars)

    Available grades: Fe 415/ 500/ 550 & Fe 415D, Fe 500D, Fe 550D, Fe 600

  • TMT or De-Formed Corrosion Resistance Bars

    Available Grades: Fe 415/ 500/ 550 & Fe 415D, Fe 500D, Fe 550D, Fe 600

Key Features of SRMB TMT Saria

The Key features of SRMB Saria include:

  • High Strength

    SRMB TMT Saria is available in multiple grades that are much stronger than conventional reinforcement bars.

  • Better Elongation

    This is a unique feature of SRMB TMT Saria. This safeguards the concrete structure from earthquakes and other natural calamities.

  • High Bendability

    Greater elasticity of SRMB TMT Saria allows better bending/re-bending of the Saria during construction.

  • Corrosion-resistant

    The controlled chemistry of the raw materials used to manufacture SRMB TMT Saria provides good corrosion resistance.

  • Fatigue-resistance

    The high-strength surface layer provides extreme fatigue resistance on dynamic loading.

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Advantages of Using SRMB TMT Saria

  • The Fe 415 D grade TMT saria is manufactured through a controlled thermal treatment using special types of billets. This category of saria has high tensile strength.

  • The Fe 500 grade TMT saria by SRMB helps you save steel consumption by 17% during any construction project.

  • The Fe 500 D grade TMT saria has greater tensile strength and high ductility compared to normal grade TMT saria. These are free from any mechanical fatigue.

  • The Fe 550/600 grade TMT saria has greater load bearing capacity. But it has less ductility and so not suitable for any construction in earthquake Zone.

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