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At SRMB Srijan Pvt Ltd, we aim at producing safe and sustainable steel. Our extensive in-house research has helped us carve a niche in the industry and come up with viable new products which benefit the market. With innovation in technology we are energetically driven to achieve our business goals. Apart from suitability, some factors which we consider during the manufacturing process are the environmental impact, re-cyclability and lifespan.

Most importantly, customer satisfaction is our primary aim. Through integrity and perfection we have been able to establish long-standing relationships with our wide client base. We have a deep understanding of their needs which help us to deliver with perfection. We do not compromise on the chemical composition, purity and high accuracy at each level of the manufacturing process. This in turn ensures excellent quality standards in our extensive range of products.

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Chennai Metro Rail is using SRMB TMT
Adani built with SRMB TMT
Bharat Petroleum is using SRMB TMT
Scott Wilson is using SRMB TMT
Delhi Metro Rail is using SRMB TMT
Infosys is using SRMB TMT
Indian Oil is using SRMB TMT
KEC is using SRMB TMT
KMRC is using SRMB TMT
Power Transmission LTD is using SRMB TMT
Louis Berger is usingSRMB TMT
Military Engneer Services is using SRMB TMT
NBCC is using SRMB TMT
National highway Authority of Indiais using SRMB TMT
Paharpur is using SRMB TMT
Power Grid Corporation of India is using SRMB TMT
Punj Lloyd Group is using SRMB TMT
Stanley is using SRMB TMT
Indian Railways is using SRMB TMT