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Loha Lakshmi Report

SRMB SRIJAN (P) LTD is pleased to inform you about acquiring the status of “Primary Producer of Steel “ accorded by Joint Plant Committee (A wing of Ministry of Steel) . We are sharing with you our latest technological innovation of state of the art rolling technology of block mill which is a high precision equipment and generates production of finished steel at a very high speed. SRMB rolling unit is featured with high performance bar guiding and complete automation system.The unique advantage of Block Mill is its precision measurement of rebar sizes and corresponding consistent rolling margin.

Equipped with this unique production technology SRMB SRIJAN (P) LTD is producing TMT bars with guaranteed negative rolling margin in respect to laid down BIS criteria of section weight of TMT Bars .This guaranteed rolling margin not only provides the direct cost benefit in terms of extended length of rebars per metric ton which leads to incredible value wise saving on the purchase of steel from M/s SRMB SRIJAN (P) LTD. The guaranteed negative rolling margin for SRMB rebars are as follows :

1. For 8mm & 10mm dia it is -3%

2. For 12mm-16mm dia it is - 2%

3. For 20mm – 32mm dia it is - 1%

For your ready reference given below is a sample cost benefit chart against purchase of SRMB rebars :

Sl no.ItemsSizeQuantity UnitEx-factory Price (Rs./MT)
(Invoicing rate )
Guaranteed negative
rolling margin
Savings (Rs/MT)Total Savings (Rs.)
1TMT Bars Fe-5008 mm22 MT450003%135029700
2TMT Bars Fe-50010 mm11 MT445003%133514685
3TMT Bars Fe-50012 mm16 MT440002%88014080
4TMT Bars Fe-50016 mm12 MT440002%88010560
5TMT Bars Fe-50020 mm3 MT445001%4451335

SRMB would like to reiterate the fact that the guarantee of Negative rolling margin is offered to the extent that in case the rolling margin of consigned material is more than guaranteed limit i,e. 3% negative tolerance for 8mm, 10mm, 2% negative tolerance for12mm, 16mm & 1% negative tolerance for 20mm, 25mm, 28mm & 32mm ; the equivalent amount of the extra weight may be credited in form of value wise credit note to the customer after inspection of the supplied material at the site by SRMB Technical wing . Once the materials are supplied to any client site ,SRMB deputes its technical staff to measure the weighment of the supplied TMT bars section wise in presence of the client site representative and based on the report an official report is submitted monthly basis to all their project customers calculating the savings component due to supply of SRMB rebars in negative rolling margin . This monthly savings report is called Loha Lakhsmi Report Card and this initiative of SRMB has become hugely popular in contemporary construction industry.

We sincerely believe our effort for offering this cost benefit optimization to your good office may kindly be reconciled prior to finalization of purchase decision for reinforcement steel.

A Sample Report Card

Case Samples:

  • Ambuja Realty Development Ltd

  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

  • Chakraborty Construction

  • GHSPL MLD Super Speciality Healthcare LLP

  • DMP NIrman Pvt. Ltd

  • Mackintosh Burn Limited

  • Akash Vanijaya pvt. ltd

  • Ghosal Enterprise

  • Natural Projects pvt. ltd

  • P S Group

  • Pheonix

  • New India Construction

  • M Co

  • Krishna Multi Structure

  • BR Construction

  • DTC Project PVT. LTD.

  • Sureka Group

  • P S SRIJAN Estate LLP

  • Ambuja Realtors

  • ACC India Pvt Ltd.

  • Bengal Shriram Hi Tech City Pvt Ltd.

  • Diamond Bravarages Pvt Ltd.

  • Elita Garden Vista Projects Pvt Ltd.

  • Furnace Fubrica India Pvt Ltd.


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