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TMT Bar in India

A greater part of the Indian subcontinent is vulnerable to earthquakes. In the past, India has witnessed a few major earthquakes that left it devastated. The list includes Bhuj earthquake in 2001, Latur earthquake in 1993, and Andaman earthquake in 2015 and so on. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has divided India into 4 seismic zones on the basis of the intensity of seismic activities. Zone 2 is the area with the least seismic activity and zone 5 has the highest seismic activity. The areas near the Himalayan boundary in the northern and north-eastern part of India, Andaman and Nicobar Island, North Bihar and Rann Kutch in Gujarat comes under zone 5.

Places with high seismic activities call for stronger building codes. This is because much of the devastation results from falling debris. Earthquakes strike without warning. Even though Latur falls under a relatively safe zone 3, still a deadly earthquake ripped it apart. After Latur earthquake, TMT bars have become mandatory for constructing buildings. In this regard, SRMB is one of the topmost earthquake resistant TMT bar manufacturer in India. It’s the first company to use an advanced “Tempcore” technology to manufacture ultra strong TMT bars. Quake-resistant TMT bars are not only durable but have a high elongation point which gives it great tensile strength, making them resistant to seismic activities. That is why TMT bars are one of the most trusted construction materials all across the country.

While constructing buildings and other structures, the quality of the construction material must be judged appropriately. SRMB TMT bars are available in a number of grades and are much stronger than the TMT bars that are manufactured using cold twisting. The “Tempcore” technology makes it 20% stronger than any conventional TMT bar. Apart from TMT bars, SRMB also manufactures Real Ring (stirrups for binding the TMT bars), AZAR Bars (Zinga coated TMT bars) and Corrosion-resistant De-formed/ TMT bars. The TMT bars manufactured by SRMB adhere to international standards and are also exported to SAARC countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

TMT bars manufactured by SRMB provide ultimate strength to the building and other structures, thus boosting its longevity. That is why SRMB is trusted by some of the biggest names in India such as Adani, Indian Oil, Louis Berger, National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), Chennai Metro Rail Ltd., Powergrid Corporation of India Ltd., Paharpur, and so on.


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