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Why SRMB Realedge Grill Structures Last For Ages?

Why SRMB Realedge Grill Structures Last For Ages?

SRMB SRIJAN PVT. LTD. is a host to a number of quality products in the real estate/ construction sector.

As opposed to chilled cast iron rollers, SRMB RealEdge helps you get quality steel products that are manufactured with 100% block mills that have walking type automatic cooling beds.

The cooling beds help in ensuring excellent finish and cater to all your needs.

The SRMB REALEDGE is fitted with tungsten carbide rollers that help manufacture premium grill sections in great shapes and uniform thickness in standard lengths of 6 meters. 



Facts about RealEdge grills from SRMB:

  1. Rolled from high quality billets, RealEdge has a structural and precision uniformity.
  2. Safe for fabricators to work with and can easy be shaped into amazing styles with smooth edges.
  3. The malleability of the RealEdge Bars helps workers’ welding process easy with perfect finish.
  4. RealEdge though has prime features is cheap and economical.
  5. The REALEDGE grill solutions can be seen as squares and MS Flats, along with Z angles and other variants.

We aim at making our products defect free for the easy use of workers and the new angles in RealEdge sees a steady rise up the charts of popularity amongst home designers.