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Why Should You Purchase SRMB REAL RING?

Why Should You Purchase SRMB REAL RING?

Stirrups play a very critical role in construction. It is basically a closed loop of reinforcement bar embedded in any concrete structure to hold the main rebars together.

Stirrups prevent columns and beams from collapsing under severe stress.

 Stirrups can be of various shapes e.g. Circular, Polygonal, an U-Stirrup or a Crosstie.

However the most commonly used shape is a rectangular or a square one.

 Often stirrups are manually made at the construction sites by using rudimentary practices that often do not comply with prescribed standards.

This results in dimensional inaccuracies which can result in improper locking of the ends, increasing chances of failure during earthquakes. 135 degree bend with 10d length but not less than 75 mm.



• Exact dimensions for binding the TMT bars

• Manufactured as per BIS specification BIS 2502/458

• Promise of zero defect rings without any cracks, bends or any other deformation

• No time is wasted for making the rings

• No wastage of material due to ends and cracks

• Strict quality control parameters are maintained

• Produced through automated machines

• Exact 135° bend provides good seismic resistance to the reinforcement

• Ease of availability

• Stocked at distributor's end to meet urgent demand

• Available in bundles of 25 pieces




The Real Ring stirrups are far superior in terms of quality and creation process.

They are manufactured through automatic & sophisticated machines, using strictest quality control to ensure consistency, quality & accurate dimensions.

They are available in most commonly used sizes like 7"x7", 7"x9", and so on.  It has a 135' hook as prescribed, for better unitization with concrete core.

The standards followed during manufacturing meet all the Indian government norms like: IS 456, IS 2502, SP-34, IS 13920 (Indian Ductile Details Code)
Good quality reinforced concrete is designated with a good quality binding rings which takes care of the positioning of superior reinforced bars.