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Why Should You Buy Corrosion Resistant TMT Bars?

TMT bars or thermo mechanically treated bars are widely used for the construction of buildings.

When you buy non-rust resistant bars for the construction of your building or home, you are at a much high risk with the longevity of the building thus being constructed. This is because bars that rust tend to break more and fast.


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When steel gets placed into the concrete it develops a passive oxide film due to the low PH presence in the concrete.

The concrete may have low PH helping the bars to corrode because of either a chemical attack or from reaction of the concrete with CO2 in the atmosphere.

The bars may also corrode if sufficient chloride ions reach the bar. These are mostly introduced into the concrete by either deicing salts or sea water.


There are many ways through which the risk of corrosion- related distress in concrete can be improved.

The first layer of defense is the concrete, thus it should be dense with minimal of cracks. Appropriate concrete cover can also be used.


SRMB Steel

While purchasing your TMT bars always keep in mind to check for corrosion because if you construct a building with rusted bars it will not have a long life.

Any natural calamity such as earthquake will take a toll on the building and it is hazardous to the lives of the people inhabiting the building or home.

If you are purchasing the right brand for your TMT bar which gives you all the desired properties you can be rest assured about your construction.