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Our Process


SRMB is having a modern Integrated Steel manufacturing unit at Durgapur – West Bengal in the name of SRMB Srijan Private Limited, which has the facility of manufacturing of finished steel long product from captive steel semis with adequate refining facility through Electric Arc Ladle Refining Furnace by using Processed Iron Ore and Pig Iron as basic raw materials. SRMB TMT Bars and Structural Steel are produced through hot charging of 100% Captive Billets in Block Mill with CRM Belgium's TEMPCORE Quenching and Self Tempering Technology (QST).

SRMB is having highly sophisticated “Integrated Steel Plant” facility comprising i) Steel Melting (SMS) shop equipped with Electric Furnace and Electric Arc Ladle Refining Furnace ii) Continuous Billet Casting Unit iii) Rolling Mill.

Total Quality Management

The Total Quality Management Equation :

Organizational Quality + Process Quality + People Quality

The TQM system provides the concept for increased continuous improvement in an organization. The system being customer-centric focuses o total satisfaction of both the internal & external customers. 

TOTAL : Everyone associated with us, including our customers and suppliers, will be involved in the continuous process of improvement.

QUALITY : We travel that extra mile to satisfy our customers’ needs.

MANAGEMENT : Our dedicated team oversees the process day and night, for the betterment of you & your Infrastructure.

Production Process