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How to Ensure the Toughness of Steel for Building New Homes?

How to Ensure the Toughness of Steel for Building New Homes?

Buildings make use of a skeletal structure made of steel that helps them to stand straight. This structure must be made in such a manner that it can stand the test of time. The quality of steel, used for making the structure, must be chosen very carefully to ensure that it gives them a stable home. Steel is combined with concrete for constructing stairs, pillars, slabs, lintels and footings of the building. The concrete material helps to attain the high compression strength while making best use of steel bars. The steel components must be chosen in a manner so that they provide high tensile strength. This is why it should be of prime importance that the steel components used have the requisite strength to build a house.

Different grades and varieties of steel

There are mainly two different types ofsteel that are used for general construction tasks. These are the deformed and the mild steel bars. The mild steel bars, used with reinforced cement to create concrete, have a plain surface and a round cross-section structure. The deformed steel bars are characterized by the presence of ribs on their surfaces. While using the mild steel bars, sometimes cracks can develop in the concrete used with them as these bars tend to stretch. This can reduce their bond with the concrete. On the other hand, the deformed bars do not have this problem and can provide better bonding with the concrete.

Ideally a consumer should go for steel bars with grades Fe 500 and Fe 415 as they are ideally suitable for construction purposes. Among these two varieties of steel, the Fe 415 is the one that is most extensively used at present. One can avail these steel bars in different diameter configurations that vary between 6 mm and 50 mm. Among these various types, the diameters between 6 mm and 20 mm are suited best for building homes.

Quality of the steel bars

Obviously, the best quality steel should be used for concrete reinforcement works. The TMT steel bars should be chosen based on their weight, elongation, tensile and yield strength. Additionally, it should be kept in mind that the chemical composition consisting of phosphorous, carbon, manganese and sulfur can also impact the quality of the steel bars used for construction. Before buying the steel bars for your residential construction, it is important that you conduct a number of tests to determine their quality.

Everyone should confirm with their builders that the steel bars are free from cracks and other surface flaws.