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Guaranteed   Negative Tolerance
Guaranteed Negative Tolerance

SRMB offers guaranteed negative

 tolerance with return policies to help 

dealers get an extra amount.

Offering Standard  POP Issue
Offering Standard POP Issue

We offer standard POP issue

oncompulsory basis with all 

material dispatches.

Assured  BTL Support
Assured BTL Support

Support for in-shop activation & promotion,wall 

painting hoardings, relevant OOH activation,

 monthly dealer review meetings & more.

Annual ATL  Support Plan
Annual ATL Support Plan

Yearly support includes central sponsorships 

of major sports events & promotions in all 

media: print, electronic & outdoor.

Digitally  Focused
Digitally Focused

We follow a strong 

centralized plan across 

all digital platforms.

Pioneers of WinGrip Technology
Pioneers of WinGrip Technology

We aim at doubling  the 

revenue of our channel partners

 every 12 months so that we 

grow together.

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