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Why You Need TMT Bars?

TMT bars are one of them most important construction materials that are widely used for building homes, multi-storeyed high rise, bridges, flyovers and other civil engineering structures. This is because TMT bars ensures high strength to the structures and improve their longevity. TMT bars can effectively withstand any kind of stress and load, thus, securing the structure from any further damages.

TMT Bars are Thermo Mechanically Treated steel bars. These bars are subject to Thermo-Mechanical treatment. The process includes passing the steel wires through Tempocore water cooling system once they are rolled in the Rolling Stand Mill. It hardens the outer layer of the TMT bar while keeping the inner core soft. While manufacturing homes and other structures. The TMT bars are constantly exposed to water. One of the main advantages of using TMT bars for constructing your home is that the TMT bars do not need the additional process of cold twisting which makes the bars corrosion resistant.

TMT bars are widely used in the constructing buildings and other concrete structures. These bars are used to reinforce the concrete. Concrete has good compressive strength but poor tensile strength. This is why TMT bars are required for additional reinforcement. TMT bars forms a strong bond with the concrete. Also, it has thermal capability which makes the TMT bars resistant to fire accidents.

TMT bars are preferred as a construction material for numerous reasons. Their unique properties have made them ideal for various types of construction work. The properties of TMT bars include super ductility, superior strength, and weldability. Moreover, TMT bars are earthquake resistant. They have a ferrite-pearlite inner core which enables them to withstand any seismic activity, thus, offers longevity and robustness to any concrete structure. Construction workers, builders and people usually prefer TMT bars as they can resist high temperature and are flexible in nature. They can be moulded into any form. This makes them appropriate for any type of concrete structure such as dams and bridges. The best part of using TMT bars for construction is that they are very cost effective when compared to other steel bars and gives 20% stronger structure with the same quantity of steel. This makes them a feasible and valuable option for building homes and for other engineering projects.

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