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Wish To Become A Successful Construction Project Manager? Here Are 5 Strategies You Should Focus On From Day 1

Becoming a construction manager is not everybody’s cup of tea mostly because the responsibilities that need to be handled are often overwhelming. While it is true that there are some similarities between general project management and construction management with respect to the macroscopic phases project management per se, namely… initiation, planning, execution, performance and monitoring; at a microscopic level, there is a whole lot more to the latter needs to handle with uncompromised skills and efficiency.

In very simple words, the core responsibilities of a construction project manager include…

  • Ensuring timely completion of project
  • Usage of resources in tune with budget
  • Managing and handling issues that may arise in the course
  • And, most importantly maintaining safety and wellbeing of each and every member of the project right from the workers to the staff, architects and more.

Besides basic skills, handling these responsibilities calls for certain functional strategies that project managers are expected to excel in. 5 of these core strategies can be mentioned as follows…

Creating and Maintaining Proper Flow of Communication – Maintaining proper flow of communication is the first step to healthy project management. To achieve perfect communication flow, you will need to strategize on how you wish to sync schedules with the innumerable different aspects of the project right from onsite construction work to tallying supplier activity and more.

While maintaining proper flow of communication, construction project managers need to know that they are the fulcrum on which the two ends of the project that are… the project developers and the execution wing rests. Therefore, communication needs to flow from both ends faultlessly and that too without any bottlenecks. Using proper CWM tools can help massively in this direction.

Using and Applying Updated Tools and Software Solutions – Project managers for constructions are usually selected on the basis of their qualifications which usually include degrees and diplomas on civil engineering, architecture, construction management etc. Therefore, understanding, using and implementing the right technical inputs in the construction project should be easy and effortless for the construction managers.

Using the right tools and software for all kinds of tracking and monitoring purposes right from the grass root sundry expenses to core production costs communication management and more can save time and money in favor of the project at hand while identifying loopholes if any.

Always Being Prepared for Emergency Planning and Execution – Construction project manager always starts with a pre-designed plan of execution of the project. However, things are always not as sunny as it is expected to be. Therefore, it is imperative that the professional is equipped and experienced enough to make emergency plans in case things don’t go the way otherwise planned.

This is one of those dreaded phases where the project managers may have to reschedule, redelegate and reinitiate the construction process while maintaining budget and deadline as specified by the developers. As many established construction project managers mention, ‘you need to have nerves of steel to handle such responsibilities’.

Being Onsite and Informed About Every Aspect of the Project – Being onsite is not enough. Familiarizing with each and every aspect of the project and the workers/professionals handling the same is the key to understanding how and where the project is heading. This is also one of the best ways to identify issues before they take a grave form and nipping the same at the bud.

Conscious Attempt in Improving EQ – Lastly, and most importantly, construction project managers need to work constantly on their emotional quotient. It has been observed that being a leader and motivator literally 24/7 for months and years together while being solely accountable with everything that goes right or wrong with the projects takes a massive emotional toll.

To stay on the safer side, construction project managers should take comprehensive steps to learn about EQ management and improvement that can help massively in improving their success ratio. 

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