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Top Real-Estate Terms to Know Before House-Hunting

It is always tough to pick a suitable the best home, and you have to evaluate all the essential factors with care – such as size of home you want, where the home is located etc. Find out about some of the most important terminologies in real-estate that you have to know prior to investment of money and time.

Carpet Area

It is the carpeted area, excluding the external and internal thickness of walls. This is the actual area you use inside the home, excluding the spots covered by the play area, stairs and lobby. Know about the amount of space you can use, where you can keep your furniture in.

Built-up Area

It consists of the carpet area as well as the wall area. The wall area means the surface area, wall thickness or plinth area – constituting 20% over the carpeted region.

Super built-up Area

This is the added built-up region, as well as common areas such as corridor, lobby etc. Some also consist of swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse and other common facilities. This is also referred to as the saleable area.

Floor Space Index (FSI)

This is the ratio of the entire built-up area of all the floors to the whole empty plot area. Before you invest in a plot, you have to know its FSI. You cannot make any building construction, as that would mean flouting the law.

Loading Factor

It is decided often by multiplying a factor in the carpeted area that offers the super built-up area. This is a quotient of the carpeted area and super built-up area minus 1. In an apartment, the loading factor should ideally be 20 to 30%.

Open Space Ratio

This is a common term used for residential development. The main aim of the Open Space Ratio (OSR) is to reserve space for resident’s association – which can be accessed by the apartment or area residents, parking lot, swimming pool, parks, community clubhouse and more.

Per Square Foot Rate

This is possibly the information that your builder will honestly tell you about, as a property’s per square foot rate is used to determine its cost. This is the cost of the saleable area or super built-up area along with the carpet area. This is typically an approximate value and its measurement can be done in various ways.

With all these details, you can take an informed decision prior to the purchase of a real-estate property.

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