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TMT Bars: Why are They Used for Construction Projects?

Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars or TMT bars are widely used for different construction projects. Made from high strength steel, TMT bars possess several qualities that make them the most preferred material for various construction projects. Let’s take a look at the qualities for which TMT bars are widely used in construction:


1. Latest Technology with TMT Bars

Compared to the bars of yesteryear, TMT bars are manufactured using latest Tempcore technology. This technology makes the TMT bars super durable.

2. Unique Design

TMT bars have a special WINGRIP rib design that enhances the quality of the TMT bars.

3. Earthquake Resistant TMT Bar

TMT bars are earthquake-resistant. These bars have higher elongation point and they can easily elongate without compromising their actual measurement or quality. Elongation can be described as a TMT bar’s ability to elongate or deform before it is damaged. Greater the elongation, stronger the building! This quality makes them perfect for being used as a construction material in earthquake-prone areas.

4. Superior Bendability

These bars have a great degree of elasticity. The soft ferrite-pearlite core of the TMT bars gives them superior bendability. These bars can be easily bent and moulded into any shape and used for a wide range of constructional purposes.

5.Resistant to Fatigue

TMT bars are highly ductile and have a super strong surface layer. These properties help TMT bars withstand fatigue for a longer period.

6. Strong

TMT bars are available in a number of grades such as FE 415/500/550/600. These bars are much stronger than conventional steel bars and can give up to 20% stronger concrete structure with the same amount of steel.

7. Corrosion Resistance

TMT bars are resistant to corrosion. During any construction project, TMT bars are exposed to water and moisture for a longer period. In case of conventional steel bars, such exposure results in rusting. However, in case of TMT bars, their anti-corrosive properties extend their lifespan. This feature also ensures the safety of the structures where TMT bars are used as a construction material.  In India the loss due to corrosion is approximately $40 billion every year, which is about 4% of the GDP; which is why construction companies are looking for better corrosion control measures such as using TMT bars.

8. Weld-ability

TMT bars have superior weld-ability which helps the architects and designers to build innovative and creative structures without affecting the quality of construction.

These unique properties of TMT bars make them a highly popular and widely used construction material.

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