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Test Proved That SRMB Steel Manufacture Superior Quality Earthquake Resistant TMT Bars

SRMB Steel manufactures the best quality earthquake resistant TMT bars. This has been proved again through a test carried out recently at our Rods n Bars outlet in Rajasthan. Rods n Bars outlets provide customers with the facility to test the quality of TMT bars for free. In our facility in Alwar, Rajasthan, Mr Sai Sharma, Director of Projects, Fort View residency projects in Alwar, who is also an civil engineer, came as a prospective customer and wanted to test the quality of our TMT bars vis-a-vis that of Jindal Panther. Our facility, RODS & BARS, has the Universal Testing Machine (UTM) which is calibrated to deliver accurate and consistent results. The bars of same diameter were tested under the supervision of Mr Sharma and the test data, which is certified by Mr Sharma himself, is shown below –  

The test report signed by Mr Sai Sharma, Director of Projects, Fort View Residency, Alwar.

The two factors that depict earthquake resistant qualities and specially ductility are 'ultimate tensile stress- UTS' and 'yeild stress- YS'. As it is evident from the report above, the SRMB TMT bar had greater Yeild Stress value of 499 (10 mm bar) & 639 (16 mm bar) and UTS of 558 (10 mm bar) & 715 (16 mm bar) , that is 669, as compared to Jindal Panther bar – YS of 418 (10 mm bar) & 573 (16 mm bar) and UTS of 453 (10 mm bar) & 623 (16 mm bar).
Mr Sharma was convinced about the better quality of SRMB TMT and has recommended it over Jindal Panther.


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