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Simple Techniques to Reduce House Construction Cost in India

Having a house of one’s own is a dream of millions of people in India. But, the cost of building a house is gradually going beyond the capacity of common man. However, this cost of construction can be drastically reduced if people know about the low-cost techniques. Doing offline and online research can help a person find some techniques that can save lots of expenses in house construction and complete the project within one’s budget.


Some Low-cost Techniques of House Construction in India

  • Choosing the Right Plot
    Plot selection is a vital decision in house construction. The plot should have clear accessibility to roads and transports. Make sure that utility services such as garbage disposal, drainage facilities, gas connection, electricity, water supply and so on, are available near the selected plot. Rectangular or square sized plots are the best as one can use the whole area for building the house.
  • Making a Perfect Design
    Construction should start on the basis of outbuilding design and good planning. Prior making the building plan, check out current trends in building designs and construction. Consider present needs and future changes and requirements which might crop up. One should also design the floor plan in square or rectangular form so that less building materials are required and the space is used to the fullest.
  • Construction Materials
    In a construction, purchasing raw materials is the biggest investment and therefore, one should try to reduce the cost of these materials. Choose only standard products from reputed and authentic traders to make sure that the products are of high quality and will give long life and better service. Compare the prices of different traders before deciding on one. Buying in bulk is a good idea as it gives discounted price and also saves on transport.
  • Choosing Quality Sockets & Switches and Branded Wires
    Plumbing and electrical works are essential for comfortable living in a new house. So, always choose branded electric wires and high-quality sockets and switches to enjoy trouble-free service. Quality products require less maintenance and give long life.
  • Choose PVC Doors and RCC Door Frames
    Windows and doors are other aspects where major expense of construction is made. RCC door frames instead of wooden frames can help in saving a considerable amount. They not only save money but their prefabricated structure adds strength to doorways. Similarly, PVC doors for internal rooms can reduce construction cost.

With rents going up and up, it can a personal drain on your finances to pay a big part of your income every month.

So, these are some of the economical ways of constructing a new house. This will help in enjoying the comfort of a house without spending a heavy amount.

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