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TMT Bar Price in Kolkata

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In the past, the city of Kolkata has experienced several seismic activities. Kolkata falls under the earthquake zone III which has a moderate risk of an earthquake. And for avoiding any risk to the buildings and structures, a proper structural code along with using earthquake-resistant building material (such as TMT bars) is crucial. This helps in preventing any damage to life and property during an earthquake.

TMT bar in Kolkata

When it comes to protecting your house from any natural calamity such as an earthquake, nothing comes as close as TMT bars. TMT bars provide strength to your homes and protect it from any major damages. While there are a number of TMT bars available in the market but SRMB TMT bars are considered superior. These bars are manufactured using the advanced Tempcore technology. TMT bars are ductile and have superior fatigue-resistant quality. Also, SRMB TMT bars have recently introduced an advanced WINGRIP rib design (replacing the X-rib design) that further improves the quality of the TMT bars. Also, SRMB TMT bars have superior elongation which makes the TMT bars extremely safe. Before you buy TMT bars, don’t forget to check the TMT bar price list in Kolkata. Visit https://www.srmbsteel.com/content/rate-chart for further details.

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