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Queries to Be Cleared While Purchasing a House

Buying a house is a very complicated process. Therefore, all formalities must be cleared beforehand.

  1. Evaluating the duration of the experience

Certified systems have been created by experienced and reputed companies to ensure on-time conveyance of the work. The work is done within budget and is of high quality. Experience and previous work history matter a lot in this case. Hence, the service and marketing experiences need to be checked.

  1. Confirming a contracting permit

Contracting license and procedures vary in case of different regions. One must confirm the authenticity as a buyer beforehand. The required certificates need to be confirmed on a field of expertise. These are the specifications laid down to working as a legitimate contractor.

  1. Validity of insurance certificate

A contractor must have legitimate insurance through the certified procedure. All the hazards such as accident insurance and workers’ wages insurance are to be sanctioned for the clients’ convenience.

  1. Duration of fulfilment

The duration of the work and deadline must be discussed clearly with the client.

  1. Pay Schedule

Full advance payment is not to be made at the starting of the project. That is highly unethical and not authentic also. Therefore, the necessary payment terms and conditions need to be discussed at length beforehand. Specific dates are also to be confirmed before the starting of the project.

  1. Point of contact

The most important thing is the mode of communication, right appointment and designated time to contact the client. It can be done through e-mail, phone, text message or other means.

  1. Cleaning up at the end of the day

The crew needs to clean up at the end of the day, while the duration of the project lasts several days or weeks. At the end of every working day, cleanliness is required.

  1. Storage for tools and instruments

The workspace must be maintained properly and therefore, the tools and instruments need to be kept in proper places so that no inconvenience is caused at the end of the day.

  1. Warranty for the delivered service

The guarantee period or the warranty is to be ensured for each and every project. The time it covers is very important and needs to be known by the client. The materials that are used for the purpose will also have a manufacturer’s warranty period so that any early mishap will not affect your budget and project.

  1. Resolving disagreements

A codified method is to be followed to solve the discrepancies and disputes that take place during the work. 


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Indian Oil
KEC International Limited
KALPATARU Power Transmission Ltd
Louis Berger
Military Engineer Services
National Highway Authority of India
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd
Punj Lloyd Group
Indian Railways