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How to Improve Construction Safety with Lean Thinking?

Lean Thinking is an approach that aims to remove waste and increase value for customers. In the U.S, the construction industry is among the most hazardous industries when it comes to non-fatal and fatal injuries during the occupation. Stakeholders in construction lay emphasis on safety management strategies to reduce the number of injuries. Safety management includes making a plan to make sure that every safety risk and hazard is spotted, evaluated and extenuated. Lean Thinking is associated with this step to reduce waste and get optimum value from construction and design processes. Find out how it can improve safety in the construction industry.


Defining Value

Contractors first have to define what are actually regarded as valuable by customers. It is essential to offer end results needed. However, to be able to get there, you have to understand why it is required. Observing things from the perspective of customers can offer insights to where you have to focus most of your efforts and time. All parties - whether customers, project managers, engineers or architects, have to be involved together to ensure you know where you are headed to.

Waste Reduction

You would then have to find ways to decrease waste. Other than reducing tangible waste matter from construction, waste reduction also means reducing the wastage of movement, time and even human potential in case the time and skills of workers are being underutilized. Wastage can be reduced with improved planning, communication and collaboration. It is important not to get lost in all the project details. All levels of the project should be looked at, to check how different parts of the processes count on and associate with each other.

Streamlining of Processes

After a project plan has been developed and all the common areas of wastage are identified, streamlined processes have to be put in place. These have to be documented. Workers should be provided with training to ensure that everyone is fit to collaborate with each other in a seamless fashion. Obtain feedback about how smoothly everything went.

Use of technology

Technology can be used to reinforce lean thinking practices in the domain of construction. Using construction software such as Viewpoint One can help connect everyone – be it subcontractors or field crews – to the office. Real-time access to details can be availed for everyone involved in a construction project. These can connect mobile and project management tools to integrate processes and functionality very well.

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How to Improve Construction Safety with Lean Thinking?

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