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Facts on Nivedita Setu

Kolkata’s Nivedita Setu has been described by many as the ‘wonder of architecture’.  The cable-stayed bridge over the Hooghly River is designed to carry 48,000 vehicles per day. It’s also known as the Second Vivekananda Setu as the bridge was built to handle a large portion of the total traffic of Vivekananda Setu.

Here we present some interesting facts on Nivedita Setu -

1. The constructional wonder

The main concept (which in itself was a major challenge for engineers) behind Nivedita Setu was to design and construct it in such a way that it did not obstruct the views of the historically important Dakshineswar Kali Temple and the old Vivekananda Setu while supporting higher levels of fast traffic. The bridge runs parallel to the old Vivekananda Setu which was opened in 1932.

2. First of its kind

Nivedita Setu is the first bridge in India to have a single profile cable-stayed design.  The bridge has a total 7 spans, is 20 metres (95 ft) wide, and 880 metres (2,890 ft) long. The bridge doesn’t dwarf Dakshineswar Temple as the height of its columns is lower than the tip of the historical temple. Nivedita Setu handles high-speed traffic via six lanes.

3. Named after Sister Nivedita

The bridge is named after the famous disciple of Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita.

4. Constructional intricacies

The carriageway of the bridge is supported using 254 pre-stressed concrete girders and high-strength cables installed at 14m-high pylons. The deep-well foundations on which the bridge rests are set on the river bed level.
5. Record construction tenure

The construction of Nivedita Setu was started in April, 2004 and was completed in a record time in July 2007. The total cost of the bridge is estimated at Rs 6,50 crores.

6. Award-winning bridge

Yes, you heard it right! American Segmental Bridge Institute, USA has bestowed Nivedita Setu with the ‘Award of Excellence.’

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