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Ensure Worker’s Wellbeing with These 5 Construction Safety Tips

Construction sites are certainly not the safest places to be around in terms of serious risk to health and safety. As per statistics, about 24.2% of occupational fatalities alone in this nation can be owed to construction. Till date, some of the most common hazards that have been directly linked with working in a construction site includes…

  • Hand-arm vibrating syndrome
  • Loss of hearing/hearing impairment
  • Injuries / death owing to electrocution / fires
  • Injuries and death handling heavy machinery
  • Slipping and falling while working in heights
  • Lung diseases owing to overexposure to asbestos / other hazardous construction substances
  • Unexpected collapses of walls / other areas of construction and more.

The grave seriousness of the matter makes it mandatory for the project developers and the construction project managers to ensure taking comprehensive steps towards maintaining workers’ wellbeing while they are onsite. Here are 5 tried, tested and established construction safety tips that can help tremendously in this direction…

Proper Training and Guidance on Equipment Management and Handling –

These days, construction sites are full of heavy machineries and smaller equipments, all of which can pose sizeable risks of injury if the handlers do not have sufficient skills or exercise extreme caution while handling them. Therefore it is a legal and moral duty of the construction managers and the developers to ensure imparting proper training to the prospective handlers of these machines before they are given the green signal to go ahead with the same.

Allowing untrained and inexperienced workers to handle potentially dangerous machines is as good as sending out invitations to lethal injuries.

Access to Proper Personal Protective Equipments

It is imperative for construction developers to hand out proper and updated Personal Protective Equipments or PPEs to respective workers. PPEs can protect and even prevent innumerable injuries and risks that could otherwise compromise the health and safety of the latter. PPEs have till date protected workers from hazards like…

  • Fires / electrocution
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Falls and slips especially from heights, and more

Besides offering the right PPE, it is the duty of the managers to train the workers on proper usage of the PPEs so that risks can be minimized even further. Everything from getting into the gears like protective vests, gloves, helmets, overalls etc to keeping them clean and checking them thoroughly for damages before putting them on is crucial.

Prevention of Overcrowding of Work Areas –

India is a labor rich country and there is always a rush is constructions sites for employment. Over employing is thus, a common issue in construction sites in this nation which goes a very long way in increasing risks and hazards. However, taking proper steps to manage the work site area can reduce risks significantly. This includes…

  • Not engaging too many people to operate one machine
  • Ensuring that workers that are not engaged at the moment remain off the premises
  • Planning and delegating work systematically so that only a set number of workers are in the site at a given time

Not Allowing Underage Workers or Workers with Poor Health / Fitness Issues –

Employing underage workers or workers with poor health condition for lower wages is a criminal offense for reasons undeniable. This also leads to maximizing safety hazards that could otherwise be prevented. All top construction companies ensure that they screen the workers through established procedures before employing them in the premises. This is a respectable safety standard that all construction companies must follow.

Briefing Workers on Safety Measures at Regular Intervals –

Lastly, enlightenment is the key to preventing accidents in construction sites. Therefore, project managers should take it upon their shoulders to brief and train workers on maintaining their own safety while onsite. The training should cover…

  • Machinery usage best practices
  • How to conduct oneself safely while onsite
  • Strict disciplinary actions on usage of alcohol or inebriating substances while in the premises etc.

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