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Different Kinds of TMT Bars and Their Utility in Constructions

When choosing the right TMT steel bars for a project, it is necessary to have good knowledge about their grades. Different projects require different kinds of TMT reinforcement bars, depending on their features, dimensions and compositional strength. For instance, Fe 500 differs greatly from Fe 550 in composition and yield strength as well as in on-site application and utility.


Understanding the Grades of TMT Bars:

Multiple variations of TMT steel bars are available in the market. Infrastructure and construction firms use these bars for industrial, commercial and residential projects. Procuring the right bar enables the constructor to have durability, strength and standardization in projects. Bureau of Indian Standards makes the gradation of TMT bars according to their mechanical properties and chemical composition. Indian manufacturers comply with this standard.

Constructors review bar price along with its Fe grade for understanding the effectiveness of TMT bar. Gradation of TMT bars are made depending on the amount of stress they can withstand safely without permanent deformation. The amount of yield stress is calculated in Newtons per square millimeters. For example, a bar with Fe 500 grade provides yield strength of 500N/mm2 and beyond this it cannot maintain its actual form.

TMT Bars – Their Types and Uses:
There are four chief grades of TMT bars –

  • Fe 415
  • Fe 500
  • Fe 550
  • Fe 600

Together with grades, builders consider their key properties to ensure long term reinforcement.

Fe 415 Bars:
These TMT bars are ductile and affordable reinforcement bars. Now a days this grade TMT bars are not in used. Because, this grade of TMT bars are have more ductility but less strength. Hence, this grade is used only for small scale constructions and houses.

Fe 500 Bars:
These TMT bars are the standard reinforcement bars for construction projects and are widely used for multi-storeyed, commercial and residential construction projects. They provide high tensile strength & ductility and are specially manufactured for providing stability to high-rise buildings. Fe 500D steel bars offer greater ductility and therefore, are perfect for constructions in high seismic zones and areas with sudden loads. This grade of TMT bars also provides corrosion resistance.

Fe 550 Bars:
These steel bars have more tensile strength, but having less ductility than Fe500D grade. This grade is used in developing large infrastructure and industrial projects. Structures which need to have high load bearing capacity, bridges and industrial constructions use Fe 550 grade TMT bars.

Fe 600 Bars:
These grades of TMT bars have great strength, but having lowest ductility. This grade of TMT bars mainly used for creating heavy-duty infrastructures, marine facilities, commercial properties and so on.
So, based on the projects, grades and quality of TMT bars are chosen.

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Different Kinds of TMT Bars and Their Utility in Constructions

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