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A Case Study of Hamilton Bridge, Sikkim

What is AZAR - Zinga Coating?

Zinga coating is applied as a paint to the steel structure, to prevent the structure from environmental corrosion. It provides both barrier and cathodic protection to steel substrate which is unique among all prevalent coating system for corrosion prevention. Zinga is primarily pure metallic zinc which is easily applied by brush, roller or spray on any steel structure. In dry film thickness the zinc content remain 96% . 

What Zinga Coating Provides to the steel structures?

  • Zinga provides corrosion protection for old and new surfaces and can restore and repair galvanised surfaces.
  • Zinga offers active protection comparable to hot-dip galvanization but is applied in the workshop or on site, reducing costly downtime.
  • Zinga requires similar preparation effort to that needed for painting with conventional products but is much quicker to apply.
  • Zinga coatings are non-toxic and environmentally safe; generally no hazardous materials are required in the surface preparation or in application.
  • Zinga has been used internationally for around 30 years, and is now solving corrosion problems in over more than 50 countries.

SRMB SRIJAN Pvt Ltd. has also come up with the service of Zinga coating under the brand name SRMB Azar. The application of SRMB Zinga Coating on Hamilton Bridge in Sikkim is noteworthy. After the application of Zinga coating on the bridge in the year 2007, for EIGHT YEARS, the bridge has withstand corrosion, which has made a mark in the chapters of history. 
Hamilton Bridge is one of the popular structures of Border Roads Organization (BRO) in Sikkim connecting Ranipool and Pakyong. This 37.5 meters long bridge leads to Saramsa Garden, where the International Flower Festival is held every year. This bridge was heavily corroded before SRMB started working on it. SRMB SRIJAN Pvt Ltd. offered protection from corrosion by the application of Azar coating. Now the bridge is corrosion free. 

Features of SRMB Azar Zinga Coating:

  • Zinc used in the Film Galvanisation or zinganisation process is produced by a special atomization process which provides its unique particle size and structure, quality and purity.
  • As the Zinga layer is metallic in nature it has a similar co-efficient of thermal expansion because of which temperature changes does not cause cracking in the coating.
  • Zinga coating has a physical (electro-mechanical) bond with the steel. A potential of (-)1060mV develops between the Zinga and steel.
  • For preventing environmental corrosion on steel structures it is advisable to put SRMB Azar Coating, to prevent the structure from corrosion

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