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Build Your Home with Rainwater Harvesting System

India is suffering from water paucity for years, and though there are various attempts to solve the matter, nothing can solve it completely. Like the other ways to prevent water shortage issue, storing rainwater in buildings is another significant way to solve the problem. Nowadays, both in the rural and urban areas, builders are making a storage facility to collect the rainwater to use it in need and needless to say that the idea of building a home with a rainwater storage space is beneficial in many ways and you should have it in your home—

How you can store rainwater?

Rooftops: Rainwater is pure and you can use it as drinking water. Apart from drinking, other water requirements can be solved with this stored water. Now coming to the point, how to store it! There are multiple ways to store it, like- you can build open storage in your roof or outside of your building and attach a pipeline and tap with the storage to avail the water in different places of your home or garden area. You can purify the stored water and use it in cooking as well.

Natural water bodies: Apart from the rooftop storage places, another important way to store water is using natural water bodies like ponds. During the rainy season, this idea is the most appropriate one for solving water scarcity. In villages, people use the ponds in their daily lifestyle, they take bath into it and use the same water for washing clothes, utensils, therefore, thinking the pond as a hygienic source of water will be wrong. After storing the water into it, you have to purify it to use it in your daily lifestyle.

Pavements: You must have seen that when raining, water continuously passes through the roads as well as pavements. Do you know that you can store this running water? Yes! If you fill the pavements with pervious concrete and porous asphalt, then the running water will be stored.

Stormwater drains: Most of the modern apartments have it and if you have not designed your home with this drainage system, do it now, if you maintain the drain, then there is no better way to store rainwater than using the stormwater drains of your building.

Hope you will enjoy reading this topic. And if you are planning to build your home, have the mentioned water storage facility and don’t forget to include the best quality SRMB TMT bar, which gives premium service and optimum strength to your building.

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