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6 Validated Methods to knock the heat in the House During Summer

During April and May the ascent in temperature is intolerable. Deaths are being noted because of heat wave for which all individuals are thinking of how they will ride out during summer. People need to master certain methods to keep their body cool along with their home also. All individuals cannot afford to fix air conditioners.


Thus, they should learn about some convenient procedures to remain fresh during summer.

  • It is advisable not to open the windows at the day time as it can welcome the heat waves inside. One can attempt to wrap the verandah doors and the windows with shutters for major part of the day time. And in the night, he or she open the doors and windows as this will assist in disseminating the cool air.
  • During summer one should not use textures involving polyester and silk for bed covers as they do not allow the air circulate through them. Alternatively it is better to opt for breathable texture such as cotton or lucent colored fabrics. One can also choose to moisten his or her bed cover with texture immersed in ice cold water as this will assist the bed to remain cold.
  • Individuals can make use of a moveable fan for more air dissemination and knocking down the temperature of the room. It employs minimum energy in comparison to ceiling fans and also provides one scope to fix them at a place in accordance to his or her convenience. . He or she can also locate an urn of ice cold water anterior to the fan which will assist in freezing down the air that is spawned by the fan.
  • Employment of warm water for various activities can heat up the ambience and produce humidity in the home. Thus it is advisable not to use warm water for baths as it produces extreme heat. One must switch on the exhaust fan of the bathroom while taking bath as it assists in eliminating the extreme heat and humidity engendered.
  • An individual can opt to paint the floor of the roof with sun emulating paints. This cooperates considerably in abating the heat in the home. Many people construct shed on the terrace in order to reduce the heat of the room.
  • Another convenient and economical method to beat the temperature in the home is to sprinkle cold water on all the walls and terraces.

These are the some validated economical ways to hit the heat during the summer. By applying all these methods people can keep themselves refreshed in the house at the time of the summer.

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6 Validated Methods to knock the heat in the House During Summer

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