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5 Things to Know Before Laying Out the Foundation for Your Home

As laying the foundation of your home is the first phase of the construction process, it is important to have a basic understanding of the steps involved in this construction phase to ensure consistent progress of the project.

Here are 5 things home owners in India need to know before they lay the foundation for their homes:

1. Clearing and grading

Clear the shrubs and bushes around your land. You can leave this work to your contractor as he can get it done with a bulldozer. After the clearing work has been done, your contractor will arrange for grading by working with a grading subcontractor. Generally, there are two stages of grading, rough grading and finish grading. Rough grading involves creating level ground at the building site by redistributing dirt while finish grading involves contouring the yard.

2. Looking at setbacks

Setback (a constructional lingo) is the specific distance (set by the government) to be maintained between properties. Although the civil engineer you’ve worked with may have included setbacks in the house plan in order to get it approved, things can be slightly different on the site.
If you are planning to build your home in an urban area, amidst cluster of other homes, make sure to visit the site with your contractor and do a quick check on the setback area maintained. If you happen to encroach on a setback during the construction process, the local building inspector may force you to stop and restart the construction work to maintain setbacks.

3. Construction materials

Using essential construction materials such as cement and TMT bars of the right quality is a must to ensure smooth progress of foundation construction. Being one of the reputed TMT bars manufacturers, we at SRMB Steel, ensure that our TMT bars have unrivalled strength and flexibility.
Important note –

Bends/Hooks provided in bars of footing mat should be of equal length as uneven length can lead to pull-out of the bar and the subsequent failure of footing.

4. Proper drainage

Ensuring proper drainage prior to laying out the foundation is a must. In fact, most of the foundation problems, such as uneven settling, cracks, and leaks, occur later due to poor drainage.

Your engineer may have detailed plans for proper drainage in the house plan. Make sure that your contractor follows the drainage plan recommended by the engineer. Often, engineers will recommend grading the land with a slight slope to ensure that water runs off the property.

5. Connecting water

If you are planning to build your home in an urban area, you’ll need to connect to public water. To do this, your contractor will hire labourers to dig a trench to the water supply. If you’re installing a well, the contractor will ask a well company to install the well. Once the company digs the hole, it will install an electric pump that will bring the water to the surface level for use. Also, a water storage tank needs to be installed so that your pump doesn’t have to run every time someone runs the tap.

We hope you found these points helpful. We will discuss more such important factors related to home building in the next blogs. So, stay tuned to this space!

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