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5 Technical Innovations that Have Changed the Construction Industry

Technology is slowly seeping into all kinds of industries and construction is no way behind. In the earlier days only human labour was seen in the field of construction, but now the view has completely changed. A wide range of technological advancements has been made in the construction industry which makes the work very efficient and very less time taking with the safety of the workers working on site. Here we will be talking about gadgets that have done this magnificent job in changing the construction industry.

1. Smart Wearables: The clothing that a construction worker wears are becoming smarter day by day. This tends to improve productivity as well as the safety of the workers. Their outfit is known as Personal Protective Equipment. As the workers have to work under the open nature, so it is very much important that they are appropriately dressed and equipped to fight the harshness of mother nature. There are adaptive programmable clothing and colour-changing gloves available in the market nowadays. The colour changing gloves has the capability to change its colour whenever it is exposed to any toxic substance.

2. Head Lamp(halo light): The modern-day innovation to the traditional headlamp is the halo light. It is the same as that of the conventional headlamp that a construction worker wears on his head only the difference being it is a circular ring of bright white light placed on the helmet like a ring. The advantage being it provides a total 360-degree view to the worker and being handsfree.

3. Smart and safe glasses: Safety glasses is a very important wearable in the field of construction. Now technology has hyped it with the smart safety glasses. These glasses are just like ordinary glasses but have a built-in embedded chip which gives access to WiFi and screen projection on the glasses itself. Some of the glasses come with an earpiece and microphone so that the workers can communicate with themselves.

4. Drones: Drones are a modern day gadget that is being used in construction. Drones can be used to check the real-time progress of construction and sending the data directly to the cloud server. It can also be used for planning and finding such places where it is not possible for humans to reach.

5. Software: Planning is a vital part of the construction. Previously blueprints were made, but now with this technological advancement, everything is done digitally with the help of software. One of the leading software in this field is PlanGrid.

So these were the most recent technological innovations that have changed the construction industry and has made the life of the workers easy and safe.


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