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5 interesting facts on cement you didn't know about

Concrete surrounds us. Concrete is present everywhere. The sidewalks, the roads, the bridges, the building you reside in, everywhere.

It is hard to ignore the existence of concrete.


Here are 5 interesting facts about cement:

1. It is found in Nature

While most of us know concrete as a man-made substance, it is also occurs naturally. A 12 million year-old deposit has been discovered in Israel.

Although a bit hard to find it does exist in nature.


2. The Pantheon is the world’s largest unenforced concrete structure


Ancient Romans were famous for their use of concrete. The Pantheon, built in 120 AD, is till date the world’s largest unenforced concrete dome.


3. Roman bridges older than 2,000 years still stand tall

Like already said before, the ancient Romans knew to utilize their concrete. These bridges do not only just exist today; they are being used by militia in spite of river erosion.


4. Modern concrete was invented by Joseph Aspdin

Joseph Aspdin

Although Joseph Aspdin is not the first to invent cement, he is credited for patenting modern concrete in Leeds in 1824.

5. Thomas Edison had a passion for concrete

He was so passionate about concrete that he had filed 49 different patents. These patents include ideas for concrete housing and furniture.

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