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The 3D Printing Technology is Knocking The Door Of Infrastructure Industry

Recently, two significant events occurred in the construction industry, which sent ripples through the entire globe, and very soon, the heat of it will fall in the Indian market. Though, both the events occurred outside of India, but it is expected to affect our country as well as the particular industry contributes massively to the GDP of the country and generates a massive employment opportunity to daily wage labors.
The use of 3-dimensional printing technology is the future of the construction industry, and the implementation of that technology has begun in the Netherlands and China. A 3D Concrete Printing Facility in Eindhoven was set up as four orders to 3D print bridges and five homes to 3D print was received. The number can get regarded as significant considering how new the technology and implementation of the technology is still in its infancy. In China, however, the authority already took a further step in printing a 26.3-meter long bridge and opened it for the pedestrians near Shanghai. This two events surprised the entire infrastructure fraternity of the world. The technology was considered to get implemented in the distant future, but the future is present. The days are not far off when we will walk into a concrete facility with a USB stick and walk out with a home.
The real estate industry goes through a change in a cyclic manner after every few years. Now, the experts are considering 3D printing as that change, which ultimately turns the industry upside down and produce a new industry which is poles apart from what we see it today.
In this blog, we will try to see what ways this new technology will affect the existing system:
a. Job Roles: Whenever technology gets introduced to any industry, the roles of the workers' shifts or changes massively, and we will see how it will affect the daily wage labors of the industry.
b. Design: Introducing the 3D technology will provide more freedom to the architect to design some bold unthinkable design.
c. Costs: The capital cost of a project will increase, or decrease cannot get predicted standing in 2019, as the implementation of the technology is still in its infancy and when it becomes a viable option for the builders, then we can predict the cost.
d. Safety: The safety of a structure will improve if we start using 3D printing as the machine will eliminate the use of substandard products and thereby enhancing the factor of safety of the end product.
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