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Company Profile

SRMB Srijan Private Limited

Durgapur works (Construction material division-rebar manufacturing) : The plant is located at Durgapur (West Bengal) and is one of the most modern rebar rolling units in the country today incorporating Block Mill technology, TEMPCORE quenching technology from CRM, Belgium. The plant is BIS & IMS Certified (ISO: 9001, ISO : 14001 & OHSAS :18001). The division has a lot of firsts to its credit in the steel industry. Some of the major ones are as follows: It is the one of the leading integrated primary producer of steel that manufactures finished steel from iron ore. It is the first to obtain DGS&D rate contract for TMT Bars. It is one of the first to introduce TMT Bars in the Indian market. It is the first organization in INDIA to deploy recognized TMT Process control technology i.e. "Tempcore" from CRM, Belgium, for manufacturing TMT Bars beyond Fe 500 grade. SRMB Srijan Private Ltd is the first and only company in INDIA till date to be granted TMT Process control technology up to Fe 550 grade. SRMB Srijan Private Ltd is one of the first steel manufacturers in INDIA to have achieved IMS (Integrated Management System) which comprises of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for Quality Control / Environmental Management / Operational safety and security System. SRMB Srijan Private Ltd is one of the first steel manufacturer in INDIA to install "no twist V Block mill "a high precision rolling mill for manufacturing of TMT Bars. It is currently one of the very few manufacturers in ASIA and INDIA having a capacity of manufacturing up to 50 mm TMT bars. SRMB's quality control system is equipped with highly sophisticated Digital Universal Testing Machines for both on line and offline testing of mechanical properties of TMT Bars. Chemical parameters of raw materials & SRMB TMT Bars are measured through imported German spectrometers. The following are the product lines from Durgapur unit:


Grade Fe 415 Fe 415D Fe 500 Fe 500D Fe 550 Fe 550D Fe 600 Dia (in mm) 8mm - 40mm 8mm - 40mm 8mm - 32mm 8mm - 32mm 8mm - 32mm 8mm - 32mm 8mm - 32mm

II. Bhaskar Steel and Ferro Alloy Limited

An integrated steel plant located at Odisha, manufacturing crude steel from iron ore with a plant capacity of 350 TPD DRI , 8T * 4 No's SMS with billet caster unit and 12 MW captive power plant. It also has a Fly ash brick manufacturing plant which is a nodal initiative by the company towards "care of environment" and the manufactured bricks are strictly as per BIS standards. The plant has been already issued a license by BIS (IS - 2830:1992) for manufacturing casted billets. Recently Bhaskar Steel has also been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Semis manufactured at Bhaskar Steel Plant is being used in SRMB Srijan Private Limited's Durgapur unit for rolling into finished steel.

DANKUNI works (Pre - Coated Steel Division):

The plant is located at Durgapur near Kolkata (West Bengal). The plant is one of the only two facilities that exist in ASIA. The plant has sophisticated online process for blasting, coating and curing of steel with world renowned Zinga coating manufactured by Zinga Metal BVBA, Belgium. The coated rebars are most advanced anti corrosive bars available in the world today and is being used in more than 100 countries all over the world. In India major institutions like EIL, MES, Railways, NHAI etc have already approved the product for usage in their critical projects. In addition, this product is also available through our channel sales network.

Site Coating Division:

This is the site coating division of the company and consists of NACE certified industry experts on corrosion and coating. The division undertakes site coating requirements of Zinga coating in critical applications like Bridges, transmission towers, wagons & coaches, rail tracks, pipelines etc.

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