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Rods ‘n’ Bars Orientation Program

SRMB has ‘free TMT Bar testing facility’ center, named as ‘Rods n Bars’. The stores offer free TMT bar testing facility to all the potential or existing customers, in presence of an impartial civil engineer. This helps them to verify the steel they are purchasing or purchased in terms of competitors, as per their choice. These outlets provide scope of steel testing with UTM or universal testing machines. SRMB ‘Rods and Bars’ outlets assist customers in testing their steel before choosing it.

Test Proved That SRMB Steel Manufacture Superior Quality Earthquake Resistant TMT Bars

SRMB Steel manufactures the best quality earthquake resistant TMT bars. This has been proved again through a test carried out recently at our Rods n Bars outlet in Rajasthan. Rods n Bars outlets provide customers with the facility to test the quality of TMT bars for free. In our facility in Alwar, Rajasthan, Mr Sai Sharma, Director of Projects, Fort View residency projects in Alwar, who is also an civil engineer, came as a prospective customer and wanted to test the quality of our TMT bars vis-a-vis that of Jindal Panther.

A Case Study of Hamilton Bridge, Sikkim

What is AZAR - Zinga Coating?

Zinga coating is applied as a paint to the steel structure, to prevent the structure from environmental corrosion. It provides both barrier and cathodic protection to steel substrate which is unique among all prevalent coating system for corrosion prevention. Zinga is primarily pure metallic zinc which is easily applied by brush, roller or spray on any steel structure. In dry film thickness the zinc content remain 96% . 

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Chennai Metro Rail Limited
Bharat Petroleum
Scott Wilson
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd
Indian Oil
KEC International Limited
KALPATARU Power Transmission Ltd
Louis Berger
Military Engineer Services
National Highway Authority of India
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd
Punj Lloyd Group
Indian Railways