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Arunachal Pradesh is a seismically active region as it lies between the North Eastern and the Eurasian region. Due to the high seismic hazard, the state falls under the seismic zone v.

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Mizoram, lies in seismic zone V, according to the India Meteorological Department. It means that the state has the highest risk of earthquakes as compared to other parts of India. If you are planning to build a home in Mizoram, we suggest using TMT bars as construction materials. Unlike traditional steel bars, TMT bars have high strength and ensure a stronger home.

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TMT bars are an ideal construction material in Mizoram. Why? There are a number of reasons behind it, but the most important factor is – TMT bars strengthen the foundation of your home, preventing a large-scale damage caused by an earthquake.

TMT bars, with their versatile features, are one of the modern innovative construction materials. TMT bars have redefined the construction industry by taking the durability and safety quotients a notch higher.

TMT bars are one of the most preferred construction materials in India. These bars are mainly used for building the structure of the house. Good quality TMT bars are known for their high strength, ductility, and weldability.

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Planning to buy a home in Bihar? Searching for construction materials? If yes, then you are at the right place. Over here we discuss a few interesting points on SRMB TMT bars – the most preferred construction material in Bihar.

TMT bars are the most preferred construction material in Kolkata. TMT bars are high strength bars that are extensively used in reinforced cement concrete work. These bars made using advanced technology and which is why they offer superior strength, welding ability, and ductility.

Countries that fall in active seismic zones are at the highest risk of earthquakes, and India is no exception. The National Disaster Management Authority, together with Bureau of Indian Standards, has brought 38 Indian cities under the classification of high-risk seismic zones. (source:... Read More

If you stay in Bihar and are planning to build a home soon, then TMT bars are the best choice for construction. TMT bars are manufactured using the most advanced technology and give greater strength to the concrete building. The ribbed design of the TMT bars adheres to the concrete and makes the building shock-absorbent.


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