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SRMB started its operations in the year 1951. Since then the company has managed to carve out a name for ourselves as one of the leading primary steel producers in India. SRMB is forerunners in producing safe and quality steel products and it is a name to reckon with it comes to manufacturing TMT Bars, Azar, Real Ring, Real Edge and Real Wire etc. SRMB manufactures products using cutting-edge... Read More

Building the dream home is mostly a one-time affair for an average middle-class person. We all nurture the dream of having our place with the entire design of the place as our brain-child. This is where the entire problem begins. We must realize that no matter how great our dream is we often go out of proportion or far from reality.

People's lives have been taken over by mobiles, smart phones, laptops etc. There is a major impact of mobile technology for the construction sites as well. It can be of several use to workers, foreman, project manager, site inspector and other individuals for various purposes. In recent times, digital solutions have worked out the best for us. It makes the work more efficient as well. Now a... Read More

Recently, two significant events occurred in the construction industry, which sent ripples through the entire globe, and very soon, the heat of it will fall in the Indian market. Though, both the events occurred outside of India, but it is expected to affect our country as well as the particular industry contributes massively to the GDP of the country and generates a massive employment... Read More

It is a very good feeling to shift from the old home to the newly awaited home. But, the task of shifting is a stressful. You need to pack everything in an appropriate manner. It is important to make sure there is no breakage. If there are any liquid items, you must be careful in packing as this might lead to leakage. There are instances when you forget taking vital things. Thus, making a... Read More

Is it true that you are anticipating building your next home? Before you put the pencil to paper, investigate the freshest home structure configuration patterns to perceive how you can capitalize on your new home.
Warmed Entryway Floors

If you belong to the modern century then you must be aware of the two events, which have changed the construction and real estate industry. Still cannot recognize, what are the events we are talking about? The events are a 3D Concrete Printing Facility Opened in the Netherlands and the second one is the 26.3-meter bridge in Shanghai, China. If you are thinking that any of the events do not... Read More

It is always tough to pick a suitable the best home, and you have to evaluate all the essential factors with care – such as size of home you want, where the home is located etc. Find out about some of the most important terminologies in real-estate that you have to know prior to investment of money and time.

Carpet Area

Real estate is making the most out of the new technology today. When mobile phones were introduced, it was useful for the industry to keep in touch and carry out their business through mobile phones from everywhere around the globe. With the advancement in technology today there are a number of benefits that this industry can get for getting more leads for a better business growth.

We all dream of buying or building our dream home at some point in time in our life but the legal matters related to owning property may give nightmare to any sane person. In this blog, we will try to make your lives a little bit easier and list down all the necessary documents which one should take care of while purchasing a property.


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