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Brasilia- The capital city of Brazil is famous for its remarkable architecture. The distinctive architecture that defines the city is designed by prominent architect Oscar Niemeyer. Strong lines and curves, creating a surreal silhouette is the signature style of Niemeyer. Cathedral of Brasilia is considered as the masterpiece of Niemeyer. Here we have discussed a few amazing facts about the... Read More

What are the things that cross your mind when you think of summers? Scorching sunrays, sweat, humidity, air conditioner and huge electricity bills. In a tropical country like India, the summers are merciless. Not only it makes daytime outdoor activities almost impossible, the sweltering heat also turns your home into a blast furnace. Turning on the AC will only drain your pocket. Fortunately,... Read More

When constructing a  building or home, it is important to choose the material wisely. Often, people neglect to verify the technical aspects of the construction material. This is more particular when selecting the right TMT bars. They get influenced by low-cost options or rely upon the vendors or builders for the material. However, this might result in deteriorating the quality of the... Read More

Man can never evade the wrath of nature. When nature hits back, it ravages everything that come along its way. The great devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami hitting the Indian Ocean is one burning example of nature’s fury. A report by the U.S Geological Survey says that this tsunami had released energy that is equivalent to 23,000 atomic bombs that were dropped over Hiroshima. Now... Read More

Grills are an integral part of your outdoor decor. Well, maintained grills can add a  wow-factor to your outdoor space. Outdoor grills are exposed to harsh weather condition which is why they lose their sheen with time. They require regular maintenance. So, if you keep them checking from time to time, you can make them last long.

Rust is the greatest enemy of outdoor grills. They give... Read More

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the iconic landmarks in Australia, and attracts millions of visitors from across the globe every year. It is officially known as the world’s largest steel arch bridge, with its topmost point standing at 134 metre above the Sydney Harbour.

Here are 10 cool facts about the bridge that you may not... Read More

Maintaining top of the line quality in any kind of manufacturing industry is never an easy task. There are so many variable to keep track of - so many principles to follow and so many guidelines to use and update as necessary. That said, most well known quality management systems can be broken down into 4 major steps, namely - Plan - Do - Check - Act.

Corrosion resistant (CR) bars play a major role in ensuring long life for a house. They are used along with concrete, in order to build a reinforced structure with high degree of strength and resilience. However, such bars can sustain damage when exposed to chloride ions from the concrete. Also, what often happens is that the calcium hydroxide in the concrete gets... Read More

Which business can flourish without a vision for the future? At SRMB SRIJAN Pvt Ltd., we have come a long way since the opening of our first steel mill, but that does not mean we are satisfied with what we have achieved. Sure, it feels good to know so many customers are able to build their dream homes and flourishing business facilities with our products. It feels... Read More

Being seismic smart is the best thing to do if you are living in an earthquake zone. Most areas in India, fall under the moderate to high earthquake zones. You should be able to withstand a quake and also prepare for retrofit. You need to be aware of how to avert the risks effectively.


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