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5 hacks that can help you to be more productive at work

5 hacks that can help you to be more productive at work

Time is valuable. Today's work environments demand more attention, more productivity in less time.

Being productive does not mean doing more work but doing work that adds value. It's more about the quality than about the quantity.

Even if you do one work it has to be your best work.

With the internet & thousands of apps always wanting our attention it is a heavy task to keep our hands and eyes away from the mobile phones.

All you need is to be self disciplined. Work in such a way that it makes you proud and not just fetches you the salary.


9 Hacks for your more Productive Hours at Work

  • 1. Work Less
    This may sound contradictory but it is a fact, the more you try to be at 'job' the more you become vulnerable to distractions.
    Produce one work a day but that should have quality.
    If you stop working overtime and spend more reasonable time on the job at hand, those hours are seen to be more countable.
  • 2. Make a To-do list
    This helps you to keep a track on the number of things you need to do and helps you to keep a check so that you do not miss out on any work.
    When you make a list of things to do every day, you are then being a self-driven individual. Your work satisfies both you and the company.
  • 3. Enlist SMART Goals
    The SMART acronym was first coined in the year 1981 in the issue of Management Review by George T. Doran. It was said to denote a method for setting achievable and quantifiable goals.

      It stands for:

    1. Specific
    2. Measurable
    3. Achievable
    4. Relavant
    5. Time-Bound
    The implication of this method can help you evaluate the ways to meet an objective.
    Set goals for your own self, the first step towards growth both Personally & Professionally.
  • 4. Focus on one Task
    The idea of multitasking at work actually leads to bad quality of work.
    This is because you do not dedicate your full attention to one task at a time but have your brain hover around many more altogether.
    Focusing on more than one thing at a time gives poor results, leading to more mistakes and eventually frustrations.
  • 5. Practice Meditation
    Meditation helps your body and brain to calm down. It channelizes the energy within you in a positive way.
    In the morning after you wake up, give yourself time. Everyday stress leads you to be more tired and feel sick.
    At work you cannot afford to be sluggish. To keep up your pace and the good work that you do, meditate. Give your brain & body the much needed positive energy.