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TMT BARS / De- formed Bars (Grade Fe-415/ 500/ 550 ): 8 mm - 50 mm dia.

AZAR BARS - Zinga Coated TMT BARS / De- formed Bars (Grade Fe-415/ 500/ 550 ): 8 mm - 50 mm dia.

TMT / De- formed Bars Corrosion Resistance Bars (Grade Fe-415/ 500/ 550 ): 8 mm - 50 mm dia.

SRMB TMT Bars are manufactured conforming to various international standards, viz. IS:1786 Grade Fe415/ Fe500/ Fe550 of BIS of India, ASTM A615 Grade 60 of the USA, BST 500 of DIN 488 of Germany, BS 444 Grade 460 of Great Britain, among others.
SRMB TMT Bars are sccessfully exported to SAARC countries, viz. Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan.
SRMB Thermex TMT Bar - The Process
Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars, (TMT Bars), are Extra High Strength Reinforcing bars which eliminate any form of cold twisting, the technology of yesteryears.
In this process, the steel bars receive a short, intensive cooling as they pass through the specially resigned Thermex Water Cooling System after the last Rolling Mill Stand. The sudden drop in temperature converts the surface layer of the steel bar to a hardened structure. This phase of intensive cooling by the Thermex System is followed by further colling in atmosphere, so that the temperature between the core (which is steel hot) and the cooled surface layer is equalized, and the

surface layer gets tempered by the heat from the core. The resulting structure is a tempered martensite zone at the periphery and a fine grain ferritepearlite structure in the central zone. Such a structure is the guarantee of a TMT bar and only the unique Thermex System ensure this in entire length of the bar.
Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engg. GmbH, of Germany (HSE) is the engineering company which was instrumental in developing the rapid water quenching process for production of rebars with minimum yield strength of 500N/mm˛ as increasingly demanded by civil engineers.

In most developed countries, only such rebars with about 500N/mm˛ min. yield strength (against 415N/mm˛ in CTD bars) is specified for RCC work. The HSE Thermex System has been successfully employed in SRMB to produce all international Grades such as German BS+ 500 of DIN488, British Gr. 450 or BS 444-1978, Swiss Topar 500S of SIA 162, French Fe E50 of NF A35-016 etc.
SRMB TMT Bars are available in Fe: 415 /500 /550 grade which are much stronger than conventional CTD Bars and give upto 20% stronger concrete structure with same quantity of steel.
More strength with higher elongation is one of the unique features of SRMB TMT Bars.It makes a Concrete structure not only sound but safe also. SRMB TMT Bars shows upto 50% more elongation than conventional CTD Bars without compromising on strength which makes it safe in earthquake prone areas.
Bend Properties
Due to unique feature of elongation SRMB TMT Bars display many times better bend/re-bend properties which makes it not only easy to work but safe in hazardous situations.
Corrosion Resistant
SRMB TMT Bars show negligible rusting in comparison to Cold Twisted Bars, even after a long period of time, due to its very special manufacturing process and absence of Cold Stress. It means longer life of concrete structure, i.e. buildings.
Fire Resistant
SRMB TMT Bars has higher thermal stability in comparison to CTD Bars making it safer in Fire Hazards.
Fatigue Resistant
The unique feature of SRMB TMT Bar is its high Fatigue Resistance on dynamic loading on account of the high strength of the surface layer.
SRMB TMT Bars with low carbon content can be used for butt and other weld joints without reduction in strength at the weld joints.
SRMB TMT Bars are backed by latest on Globe Thermex Technology, which makes it latest and innovative product.
More strength means more saving too. SRMB TMT Bars saves steel upto 20%.
Description  SRMB  TMT   Fe-415 SRMB  TMT Fe- 500 SRMB  TMT Fe- 550
Saving in Steel Compared to IS: 2062 Gr. A Plain Bar  40% 44% 47%
Saving in Steel Compared to HSD Steel Bar  IS: 1786 Fe: 415  12% 14% 19%
Weldability Preferably avoided as the welded joints become weak. Better and no loss strength.
Formability Bend 3D to 5D Rebend 5D to 8D (D=Diameter of bar). Excellent due to uniform elongation. Bend ID and Rebend 4D.
Fire Hazards Loss of strength due to temperature rise. No loss of strength upto 500 deg.Cent.
Ductility & Fatigue Strength High. Very high. Most suited for earth quake resistant structures and eqipment foundations.
Corrosion Resistant Scales fall down during cold twisting. Better corrosion resistant.
Workability   (i) Prewelded meshes can be used to eliminate manual binding at site; saves construction time.

(ii) Easy working at site due to excellent features of ductility and bendability reduces fabrication time.

Transportation Cost High Comparatively lower.
Overall Economy (i) Availability of higher grade like 500N/ and 550N/

(ii) Lesser requirement of bar length in welding as compared to mechanicl anchorages and results in overall saving.

(iii) Material saving, Saving in labour cost of bending binding etc.

These bars can be used for general concrete reinforcement in building, bridges and various other concrete structure. They are highly recommended for use in high- rise building because of the saving of steel through higher strength.
TMT Bar, the new generation high strength ribbed reinforcement bar, is a product from SRMB Steel. It is different from traditional bars in its method of manufacture and consequently, in its combination of properties.
The standard section weight and difference with 'SRMB TMT' is enumerated by the table below:

Benefits of Using SRMB TMT Bars

Sizes mm Dia Section Wt. gms./MT Tolerance in Weight Average Saving Over ISI
396 ±7% +1% - (-)7% 3%
10 617 ±7% +0% - (-)7% 3.5%
12 888
+0% - (-)5% 2.5%
16 1578 ±5% +0% - (-)5% 2.5%
20 2468 ±3% +0% - (-)3% 1.5%
25 3856 ±3% +0% - (-)3% 1.5%
N.B. : These are indicative results of general standard lots of "SRMB TMT ". There may be variance as per customer requirement/standards applicable.
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